Opportunity for Mr. Javid and Mr. Amin to dispel reoccurring complaints about the bias and integrity of Iranian.com

Dear Misters Jahanshah Javid and Said Amin: Below are some questions for both you as the individuals whohave had a say in the operations of Iranian.com. 


(a)  Mr. Javid you were the operator of this website for about 17 years. 

(b) Mr.Javid, previously you worked for the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran for some years in various positions, including working for a company managed by Ayatollah Khatami.  (To be clear, this fact is not intended as some sort of verdict against you Mr. Javid – it is simply a fact underlying the questions that follow.) 

(c)  A frequent and reoccurring practice against commentators on Iranian.com who do not endorse certain viewpoints is that they routinely are alleged to be employees of the Islamic Republic of Iran. 


In light of this website’s removal of content about a public figure (Mr. Fakhravar) on the grounds that “it clearly slandered him”[fn 1] becausethe commentator “cannot say someone is a paid [Israeli] agent unless [thecommentator] provides proof; Proof means bank statements [and] admissions” we would like to know what “proof” consistent with this website’s definition of proof (which calls for “bank statements” and “admissions”) is there that those participants who are being labeled employees of the Islamic Republic of Iran are actually employed by the government of Iran? 


What explanations, justifications or excuses (if any) does this website and its administration have for permitting a group of commentators to label those with whom they disagree as employees of the Islamic Republic of Iran and then to repeatedly suggest that employees of the government of Iran and their families should be killed?  In other words, what reasons (if any) are there as to why this site routinely permits people to be labeled as working at the behest of the government of Iran and then to suggest that persons in that category and their families should be subjected to violence? 


Mister Javid, as the only person known to us who verifiably accepted paychecks from the Islamic Republic of Iran for services rendered, is it possible for you to shed any light on whether the government of Iran has ever sent someone to clandestinely submit comments or content here or whether they engaged in that practice while you worked for the government of Iran?   


We sent several private written requests for interviews through the site’s contact feature: Whether in-person or through a medium such as Skype, we would like to interview Mr. Javid and Mr. Amin about this website, its censorship policies, and issues pertaining to fair access and content neutrality.  We have received numerous complaints about this site and an interview would afford this site the opportunity to dispel the doubts people are conveying about the site and its operations. 

We also will post your responses to the questions above directly under this blog entry to show that you transparently participated and we will not censor or edit your responses.  Would you be kind enough to let us know whether we may conduct an interview with both of you?

Thank you for your time.

 Centerforindependentmedia@gmail.com [fn 2]



1.  We assume the site meant “libel” (defamation through a written medium) and not “slander” (spoken defamation).

2.   CIM’s mission does not concern the pros or cons of any opposition group or the government of Iran.  Our focus is on access, censorship, and fair reporting standards by content providers. 

*   The graphic used herein was forwarded to us as part of a complaint, and used because it is topical to the questions being asked.

**  A related questionnaire is sent to theNational Iranian American Council (NIAC) and posted to this site.

*** All text herein may freely be copied and reproduced. This note will also be forwarded to Misters Javid, Amin and NIAC by email.

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