716 new under 10 brides in Iran

Officially sanctioned child-bride is increasingly becoming a sad fact of life in Iran.

A translation of Hamshari online statistic by Siavosh Jalili for Persian2English states:

“Farshid Yazdani, a member of the Association for the Defense of Children’s Rights, has raised the flag on the increasing rate of the marriage of girls under the age of 10 in Iran. He stated that in 2009, 449 girls under the age of 10 were married off. The number increased to 716 cases in 2011.”

Islamic supporters of child-brides justify it based on the historical fact of Prophet Mohammad while in his fifties marrying the 9 year old Ayesha.

However, in s report by Mehr Newa Agency, Mrs. Fathieh Ghanadi, the “academic and educational counselor” sees things somewhat differently.

The culprit according to this expert is none other than “mass media such as satellite” television programs, which have caused “Fading of religious teachings in some families weaken the religious beliefs of adolescents…”

Whatever the cause or justification, be it too much religion or not enough, the despicable practice of officially sanctioned under age little girls, some younger that 10, being legally married to men many times their age is an abominable practice and a national shame.

ps. previouse blog in Persian on this officially encouraged barbaric practice, here.

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