Turkey Honors Founders of Modern Turkey and Iran during Shah’s Official visit (1975)

Shah and Shahbanou Farah are greeted in Ankara, Turkey, during a state visit aimed at celebrating the memory of Reza Shah the Great and Kemal Ataturk as well as the friendly ties between both nations.


Shah and Shahbanou arrive in Turkey (1975) :


Historic film of Reza Shah found in Istanbul after 76 years :








Constitutionalism Vs Republicanism





Ajoudani’s Praise for Reza Shah:

Historian Mashadollah Ajoudani slams the Iranian Intelligentsia’s dishonesty in not acknowledging the genuine accomplishments of the Pahlavi Dynasty’s Founder Reza Shah Often labled “Kabir” aka “Great”.



(NOTE: Also See Related BBC Interview of Mashadollah Ajoudani on the Iranian Intellegenstia and the Coup of 53 Here)



IRI intellectual Sadegh Ziba Kallam paradoxically defends Reza Shah as a Patriot on IRI TV – March 2010:


A positive assessment of Reza Shah’s Rule seems to have also paradoxically penetrated the conclusions of some of the current Islamic Regime’s reformist think tanks …





Bijan Abdolkarimi Views on intellectuals and religion opposes the British Glorious Revolution ( which triggered the advent of Parliamentary Democracy upon the Restoration of the Monarchy in in Great Britain) to the Secular French Revolution of 1789:






A Question of Legitimacy :

Coup or Counter Coup ?




Abbas Milani : Mossadegh knew that his dismissal was legal :


Former Diplomat Parviz Rajji, and Historians Mashadollah Ajoudani and Abbas Milani on the Shah’s role in the Coup of 1953:




Related pictory :


Revolutionaries hang Reza Shah’s Bust at Paris Embassy (1979)


THE LAST OTTOMAN: Neslisah Sultan Dies at 91

HONORING REZA SHAH’s GRANDSON: Candlelight Vigil For Prince Ali Reza Pahlavi in Izmir Turkey


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