Iranians’ Operating System vs Ghormeh Sabzi

With the Moon in Cancer it is important to think about nationalism. What annoys me more than anything else over and over again, is the way UN accepts the mullahs as representatives of Iran.

Let’s look at our past and see what moral attitude actually certifies Iran’s heritage. Certifies is a funny word to use, but it is the point of all arguments we Iranians have.

Imagine you meet a “Shah” supporter. You will label him or her as someone who prays to all the elements of ancient glory of Iran. You can imagine him or her with Cyrus’s tomb on her desktop background.

Imagine you meet a mullah supporter. He would have a picture of an Islamic Imam or Mosque on their desktop.

Then you have others who have things they are believing that is changing all the time. They would be mixing up the latest music idols or sports people.

So how do we all react to the fact that the head of UN deals with the mullahs in Iran? The pro-Shah guy would get disgusted. The mullah guy would be proud that UN accepts the regime. And the others would not even notice it.

This is pretty much the situation we are in. Two camps. Two views that need to assert themselves and have a lot of passion and philosophy behind their “operating system” to borrow a phrase from the computer world.

What is important important to me, is that the main operating system in the world is accepting these mullah apps in Iran. I am a Royalist but a liberal one. As a Royalist I put culture first.

I do not regards politics or political applications very useful for anything other than the latest gadget that has been conjured up by some cunning politician to grab headlines and popularity.

When it comes to the vote I am thinking “does this politician think Iran first”. When it comes to the head of UN, I expect him to know Iranian history and what is on the desktop of all Iran lovers as their theme. Heck I expect the UN desktops to all have the Declaration of Human Rights as their background theme.

That is how important Iranian culture or Iranian morality is. So many people who deal with the mullahs do not know this. They refer to their actions are Iranian. Do they refer to Taliban’s actions as Afghan? Heck no.

There is no point moaning about this for another 33 years. We Iranians need to have a conference of free Iranian scientists headed by those Iranian geniuses in NASA and create a proper representation of Iran. But that is too simple isn’t it. Heck if I can think of it, why can’t they?

The answer is that most Iranians just want to get on with their lives; just escape from all this culture and morality bullshit; get a job in a restaurant in sunny LA; and just chill listening to music on their iphone.

This third choice is dissolving Iran. Most will have it both ways. Sure his mum will make him his fantastic finger licking Ghormeh Sabzi but he can’t be bothered about politics and getting Iran back.


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