Lets hope Baghdad talks fail

Many, for variety of reasons, are rooting for the success of the ongoing Baghdad nuke crisis meeting, I am not one of them; here are few of my reasons:

1- During the past 34 years, Islamists have proven their promises are made to be broken.

2- Messianic Islamists in Iran are expansionist; they’ve repeatedly announced their divine mission is to “manage the world.”

3-As history shows, cost-benefit calculation does not exist in a messianic mindset. Those with pragmatic frame of mind would be dead wrong to think otherwise.

4- The later the sane world confronts the messianic Islamists, the higher the cost, the highest being the military use of nuke.

5- A deal in Baghdad is a worthless piece of paper. After returning from Nazi Germany, at Heathrow airport Chamberlain proudly waved similar piece of paper.

There is still time to head off the war messianic Islamists are imposing on all. Airtight sanctions including air/naval cargo inspection will break their back. At the same time, helping Iranian people with the logistical needs will allow them to overthrow the unreformable messianic Islamists.

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