What happened with Chelsea and NIAC? who cares?

Nowadays everyone writes about how wrong it is to tell others to kill a singer for what they have sung. Seriously? If there are people out there that have such mentality, why would they start changing their mentality because of one article that someone in Diaspora writes? Most people are for freedom of speech so for most people, these kind of articles are like preaching to the choir. Sad to say but unfortunately, opposition to IRI for many intellectuals is a business. They have to have some output so they write article after article and someone pays them for these articles too. Some people read them but after a while many readers realize that these articles don’t offer any solutions or don’t get opposition any closer to goals. They are just good for fulfilling someone ‘s quota of writing. Or someone can claim that they supported right of Shahin Najafi for freedom of speech. Is there any educated person who is not brainwashed by IRI or is not an agent of IRI who does not believe in freedom of speech?

 Iranians get obsessed with somebody or something, a song, a team, a movie, etc. If there is a soccer game and Chelsea plays, for days many Iranian guys (and some women too) talk about it as if their life depends on its results, or about NIAC. They talk endlessly as if they are inside … NIAC. People who have no imagination do this. Day in and day out, they either have to write about Chelsea or NIAC or Golshifteh’s boobs or Najafi’s song. For god’s sake, use your degrees and come up with a new idea. But that is too much to expect. These people have a hard time to come up with original ideas even if their lives depended on it. So day in and day out, we read about Golshifteh’s boob or Najafi’s song. Any way, as long as there are those of us who are satisfied with mediocrity,that is what we get too.

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