Москве в июне

Where do you go after you’ve been to Tehran a gazillion times, Vienna a zillion times, done Istanbul and Baghdad?

Where else, Moscow of cause, and they’ll be there in the middle of next month. 

Ever since the vast full cycle illegal duel purpose nuke program of the messianic Islamists was revealed by an opposition group a decade ago, the pattern has been set. 5+1 and messianic Islamists meeting here and there and agree to meet again here and there.

The good news is the teams on both sides are getting to visit a lot of different places. 

After Moscow, inevitably Peking and Damascus, they should consider St Tropez. here on earth the Messianic Islamists will see what is promised them in heaven, which in turn might change their morbid worldview.

Meanwhile, messianic Islamists with avowed mission to “manage the world” continue to ignore all the UNSC resolutions ordering it to halt the illegal weaponized nuke programs.

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