Reza Pahlavi’s stand on the issue of Federalism


At the first glance Reza Pahlavi’s position towards Federalism might have stoned or even bewildered many people including his followers let alone the republican camp who wasted no time in order to use his statement on his issue as a hammer to bash the monarchists over the head.

However by just having a deeper look trough a pair of trained eye (while trying to contain one’s hate and prejudice) one could see the elegance of the action performed and the talent of the politician behind it

As I mentioned before politics is like a game of chess and to be an effective talented politician one needs to always think a few moves a head and try  to read the mind of the opponent and patterns of his/her movement. In the case of federalism I believe that is what RP is doing.

Now, before labelling me with any political orientation, please let me elaborate. In order to understand the reason behind such smart move by RP one first needs to understand two very important issues.

1-     Firstly the notion of federalism is not something that has been started by RP or even IRI but it has been around for a very long time. In fact since the reign of his grand father. Federalism has been pumped into the public mind by different groups and countries each of whom were only interested in serving their own interests. From groups of ethnic separatists to the local Khans and war lords who wanted more power and autonomy to be able to do what they wanted, to the foreign powers, and likes of Russians, British and French who always wanted to break up this country into small peaces in order to be able to control it better (divide and rule). Not to mention our dear old neighbours to the North, South, East and West who have always had and still do have their unclean eyes to parts of this sacred land.

So as I told you although RP has not created this dilemma but as a responsible politician he had to deal with it in the best way he could and that will bring me to my next point

2-     As a Potential leader RP’s reaction needed to be in such way that considering our attitudes as a nation he would get the best desired outcome.

Yes! You heard it right, “our attitude as a nation”, as for anyone who has dealt with this nation can confirm that we are a nation of negative mourning people.

We always find it easier and more desirable to disagree and argue rather than agree or at least stay quiet when the other party is right

But you do not need to take my word for it as I can set you up with a simple challenge.

Just go to the blog section on this very site and create a simple blog of just one sentence stating that

“The sky is blue and blue is beautiful”.

I assure you that within minutes you will get many negative responses. from people who will tell you that actually the sky is not blue but a light ruby colour, to those who state that the blue colour is actually an illusion created by the breakage of sunlight and not to mention those who think a cloudy sky is much more beautiful than blue as it brings rain and life with it and so on and so forth.

Now being confronted with such dilemma I think RP have made the best move to get the results he wanted.

Just imagine if RP actually rejected federalism in its entirety and even adapted exactly the same reasons raised by our friend Mr Kamran for taking such position. What do you think would have happened?

You could bet your bottom dollar that from the next day an army of numbing nay bobs of negation would have started their campaign against him and in favour of federalism and even people like our friend Mr Kamran here or even you and I  would have started bragging about the forgotten rights of different nations that make this country and the right to self determination for our ethnic minorities and not to mention the people who would have brought issues of race or even ethnic ridicule and hatred into the argument as well.

In fact we would not have been stoppable short of tearing this country into peaces just to prove that I am right and you are wrong.

So what RP smartly did here was to turn the table on us and by firstly putting him self in the position of the potential ceremonial king not willing or even being able to make any solid promise on one hand and by NOT saying no to federalism on the other, instead of having to defend the integrity of our borders from an army of bigots and philosopher wanabees, arguing in favour of federalism for ever and ever, he left such task to his opponents, his critics and the likes of Mr Kamran or even you an I to defeat, kill and berry this notion of federalism once and for all.

As I told you before politic is just like a game of chess. Just as one might sacrifice a solder in order to take out a knight, a castle or even check mate the opponent RP also accepted to pay the price of being criticised right left and centre in short term in order to get rid of such nagging and dangerous issue as federalism that might ultimately lead to a breakup of our country, once and for all and he did it without having to even make a single argument one way or another

Now! To me that is a smart move by a clever politician who understands the rules of the game and at the end of the day that what you are up against.

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