Had Prime Minister Alam, The Shahs Personal Doctor Ayadi and the Shah himself Mohammed Reza Pahlavi not been given Cancer and Murdered at the hands of the Shahs so-called friend the USA it is highly probable that on September 26, 2001 we would be celebrating the late Shah of Irans Diamond Jubilee and that even September 11th 2001 would have never occured. 

Infact as his twin sister recently in good health celebrated her 90th birthday, it is also highly probable that Iranians would be celebrating Shah han Shah AryaMehrs Platinum Jubilee on September 26, 2011.  Instead Today, Iranians are trapped by that which the West & USA in Particular Loves for Iran and will do everything to keep in power. 

What do they Love for Iran? An Extremism that is A Brutal Dictatorship, A Tyranny, A System that requires even ordinary people to use bribery and function based on corruption, One that tortures, rapes and murders masses and one that is based on having the highest rate of executions per person in the world is one of the worlds most repressive states.

FOR IRANIANS THIS IS CERTAINLY A TIME TO REFLECT ON WHAT IS FOR THEM A JUBILEE OF BROKEN HEARTS AND SHATTERED DREAMS.  These are not merely words on a page, if one is sensitive they can realize these are deeply painful times for a people deceived and manipulated.  A people who are Victims of being Thwarted Intentionally And not entirely Aware of how they were used to do it.  Hopefully Iranians can use this time to think about what really matters in their lives and be clear about it, beyond cliches like democracy, health, family, friends.


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