Stop deportation of Student to Iran , Amir Hedayati

June 7 -2012
Canada immigration and citizenship Minister

Hon. Jason Kenney,


we are informed a few minutes ago that Mr. Amir Hedayati, 23, asylum seekers from Iran, the 3rd year student of aerospacet at Ryerson university , has been detained by Immigration Canada, on June 6 when he   reported to the centre

Amir Hedayati’s deportation is set for this coming Friday.

I request you to consider humanitarian aspects of the case and stops the deportation order of Mr. Hedayati to Iran which Mr. Kenney is fully aware of the Human Rights record.

Mr. Hedayati is a student who has been enjoying the safety and gratitude of Canadian people and government and  is not a criminal.
Your reconsideration of the case is appreciated.


Yours truly,


Saeed Soltanpour



CC: Richmond Hill MP, Menegakis
Willowdael MP, Dr. Leung
10481 Yonge St. #219 Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3C5
یک دانشجوی 23 ساله ایرانی تبار در استانه اخراج از کانادا
لحضاتی قبل با خبر شدم که امیر حیدری دانشجوی سال 3 هوا فضای دانشگاه رایرسون روز گذشته دستگیر و قرار است روز جمعه به ایران اخراج شود
نامه ای به وزیر مهاجرت نوشتم و از وی درخواست کرده ام با توجه به شرایط حقوق بشر درایران و اینکه امیر حیدری یک مجرم نیست در اخراج وی تجدید نظر کنند
شما هم لطفا در این مورد بنابر مسایل انسان دوستانه اطلاع رسانی کنید

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