Iran and Israel Can Agree on This: Rita Jahanforuz Totally Rocks

From nightclubs in Tel Aviv to secret underground parties in Tehran, Israelis and Iranians alike go wild when the DJ plays her hit “Beegharar,” or “Restless” … Rita’s fans within Iran … use tricky software to furtively download her songs online. Bootleg CD sellers in … Tehran’s old bazaar wrap her albums in unmarked packages … “don’t mention Israel. Just say music by ‘Rita Khanum'” … Rita has emerged as an unexpected bond between ordinary Iranians and Israelis—part cultural ambassador, part antiwar spokeswoman … “These days, people only know the language of war and violence and hatred,” said Rita … Iranian fans responded overwhelmingly, bombarding her with emails and messages online. “Rita, I want one of these concerts in Iran. You have an amazing voice and you are another pride for Iran,” wrote an Iranian fan … Fars News Agency … wrote last July that Rita is Israel’s “latest plot in a soft war” … “Listen, I’m not Persian,” said Meir Kanto, a 72-year-old [Israeli] farmer. “But the culture is so colorful and so beautiful, from my perspective, let them conquer us. It wouldn’t hurt.” In Tehran, guests at a recent engagement party jumped to their feet shimmying their hips and shoulders when Rita’s voice echoed from the speakers … “She is singing from her heart. So what if she is from Israel?” said Manijeh, a 43-year-old … “We love her.” (Video–>) >>>

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