The rotten Apple!

There are, at least on this internet site quite a bit of outrage, anger and follow up claims “activism” expressed about the alleged story of an Iranian customer not being served in an apple store, because the customer spoke in Farsi. If true, of course whoever responsible for this act needs to be punished accordingly (No, not hanging in public, that happens only in islamic republic of Iran) 

But then, it’s too bad that none of this anger, indignation & outrage is ever expressed:

Upon the news of  Syrian babies & their mothers being knifed to death  by the crazy dicatpor Asad ‘s forces aided by Khamenei’s bassiji thugs.

Or upon the news of daily execution of Iran’s political prisoners.

Or upon the news of 60 Iranian Labor activists beaten up, arrested, jailed for no other reason than daring to hold a peaceful meeting to decide how to feed their families…..

The list goes on….

Well, I guess non of above deserve this outcray, since the victims just can’t afford buying the Apple (the fruit!!), not even rotten ones, for their kids & family, let alone the latest  “Apple IPod”!

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