Anglophile Part III – The Saga Continues …

As Harold Wilson once said: A week is a long time in politics. When it comes to IC, every day is a very long time indeed. A week ago I was “oddly” blocked from having access to my favourite social and political networking site, IranianDotCom. I went through a phase of serious soul searching to find out why I was so unfailingly attracted, if not addicted, to this site that visiting it has become a religiously followed routine of my daily life. And I found the answer in just one word: You! And I mean all of you, friends and foes alike. When on IC, I feel I am among the people whom I know so well. For what it’s worth, for better or for worse, we are a small sample of the people who occupy that great land we call it IRAN.

But all these aside, the experience of the past week was one of a deeply humbling nature. This is why I had to use this blog to pay my most sincere gratitude to each and every member who contributed to my being readmitted to this great community. I am deeply moved by their generosity of spirit and their magnanimity. I consider myself extremely priviledged to have been at the receiving end of their support and affection.

But before that, first I would like to thank Messrs. Red Wine and Shazde Asdola Mirza, whose provocative comments and graphic contributions to this site made me slip and by doing so I found this uniqe opportunity to connect with some of the best friends one could find anywhere. Thank you gentlemen!

In no particular order and as far as my memory can help me I would like extend my most sincere thanks to:

Darius Kadivar, words fail me to thank you enough for being the most vociferous advocate of constitutional monarchy and the best ally one may ever dream to have, simply Un magnifique monarchiste!

Shemirani, for your extremely kind and generous remarks and the most valid points you raised with the admin.

Oon Yaroo, for being such a great and supportive pal and a real looti.

ReligionOutOfGovernment, I cannot find the right words to convey my admiration for your principled position, your courage and my gratitude. With you the words of Voltaire are realised:“Monsieur l’abbé, je déteste ce que vous écrivez, mais je donnerai ma vie pour que vous puissiez continuer à écrire” (Monsieur l’abbé, I detest what you write, but I would give my life to make it possible for you to continue to write). If you don’t mind my saying so: may God bless you.

Ma’moor, my dear friend, our friendship reminds me of the words of Rumi:

ای بسا هندو و ترک همزبان

ای بسا دو ترک چون بیگانگان

پس زبان محرمی خود دیگر است

همدلی از همزبانی خوشتر است

Thank you for being such a dear hamdel.

Fanoos, my dear Lady with the Lantern, thank you for your most soothing words when I needed them most. May you be the leading light to those who are in the dark. God bless you.

Mehrban, whose name and whose nature are one and the same: Grace. I shall heed your lif e saving advice and prove to be worthy of your mehrbani. Thank you.

CIM, for your highly principled stance and your commendable impartiality.

Faramarz, for your great sense of humour which brings life to those otherwise morbid moments and I drink my next pint to your lasting liveliness and healthy witticism.

First Amendment, my precious old friend whose words, wits and humour are painfully delightful. We share so much in private and yet are understood so little in public. May your right to free speech surpasses my right to a tied tongue.


شده‌ام خراب و بدنام و هنوز امیدوارم
که به همت عزیزان برسم به نیکنامی

I am hugely indebted to you for your generous and relentless support and sympathies. And I am so delighted to be able to enjoy your highly valuble work and admire your meticulous research again. Thank you from the depth of my heart


ואני אוהב אותך

You are such a joy to know and a great friend to have. Thank you so much my dear ally for your kindness and supportive comments. I am forever in your debt.

Professor Mohammad Ala, how can I ever thank you enough for your free spirited support and the true patriot that you are. I hope you can forgive me for my sins allow me to enjoy your delightful companionship on this site, Peerooz Baashid.

Amirkabir4u, My dear Mirza Taghi Khan, I can assure you that I had no part in the Fin bath house incident and that I equally condemn that horrid conspiracy. Thank you for being critical of my intentions but I hope in time I can prove my convictions are not far from yours.

AmirParvizForSecularMonarchy, Amir Jaan your concern for my health was most touching and I am afraid as Mark Twain said:”the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated. ” Thank you for your kind and supportive comment and I am proud to consider myself as your ally in your quest for a secular monarchy.

I hope if due to my poor memory I missed anyone they forgive me but be assured that I am greatly indebted to them.

The last but not the list are the managers of this most revered site, for giving me one last chance to returm among my compatriots and enjoy their companionship as virtual as it may be. At the beginning of this blog I said that I was oddly blocked. What I meant was that I found it a little odd that while I am frequently the butt of the most colourful compliments

e.g. angal. moron, nokar, embecil, lackey, parasite, filth, filthy person, traitor, prostitute, boot licker, and my favourite of all, Gunga Din (a water bearer boy to the British officers of the British Raj era whose carnal delights was quenching his masters’ other thirst) and yet had never flagged or complained about such compliments, had to be blocked for negligently calling some one a little man!

I appreciate that you may not have time to control all such incidents consistenly but please remember that nobody is perfect, including yours faithfully.

Once again thank you all and as my American cousins are used to hear: God Bless You!

I leave you with the English singer and song writer Jessie J and her meaningful song, Nobody’s Perfect, which should have been written with me in her mind:

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