What is all the fuss about Monarchy?

I am going to take a leaf out of Shazde’s proverbial book, in other words stir the Shitte a little bit. I don’t understand why the monarchists are so bothered in briniging back the Pahalavis.

We have a Shah in accordance to our cultural norms as opposed to a European/Modersnist one already. Ali Geda is it. We Iranians never had European style monarchy anyway. We have been ruled by a strongman leader of a marauding tribe (with the exception of Pahlavis) for the past couple of millenia (15 tribes to be exact).

So what is your beef? Is it because he is an Akhoond? Consider this, there is no Akhoodary in Arabia the true home of Islam. All this Shia-ery, celebration of births and deaths is not Islamic. It is Persianisation of Islam. No wonder we are considered heretics. Besides these Akhoonds are all true Iranians as in all likelihood they are the remanents of Magi who disappeared so fast, only to quickly learn Arabic and work their way back slowly but surely, defiling Islam ever since by mixing it with strange Greek philisophy claiming it as original thought. Isn’t this for the Magi (Mogh) caste to have a go at kingship?

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a Shah!! We have a Shah already. So what is the difference between Ali Geda and any other Shah? He makes arbitrary decisions, he is the king of Islam, he is the guiding hand of lesser Iranians, and he is full of himself. He has a thick skin, and he has facial hair. In regards to the latter except for the odd period of Pahlavis who as symbol of the much resisted and hated Modernists dragged us kicking and screaming out of middle ages, Ali Geda fits the bill perfectly with ample facial hair. The name Pahlavi itself seems to cause an illogical Pavlovian psychotic reaction in Iranians. It is best to stick to the lowest common denominator who can offer a leader capable of maintaining facial hair.

So all we need to do is repeat Mashrouteh just like Ground Hog Day and convince the Shah of Islam his Ali Gedaness to become a consititutional monarch.

I am feeling dizzy all of a sudden. I really shoud not mix wine with rum. My brain hurts.

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