blogs and stats concerning the shooting down of an Iranian airliner

In a blog not featured on the front page of — but hidden on its back page — Reza Nasri asks why Iranians on this website are not speaking about the anniversary of the shooting down of an Iranian airliner.  He asks certain questions that appear in his blog.  Those are his questions.

When we checked other news sources, such as the Associated Press, not only have they featured the story, there is also a healthy dialogue of about 235 people including many Iranians (after the first 9 hours).  We checked’s self-reported viewership numbers which assert that this site receives about “620,000 unique visitors … per month.” 

Based on the facts and the story posted by Reza Nasri, questions arise:

1.  Why isn’t there a healthy dialogue on the airliner story on when other sites have hundreds of comments with each receiving many up/down votes, and replies?  It certainly isn’t due to the fact that doesn’t have web traffic.  So what makes this website’s audience different from the participation of Iranians on most other websites?  

2.  The related queston is why was Reza Nasri’s story on the anniversary of the downing of the Iranian airliner omitted from the front page of this website?

After some checking, we found that at least three people blogged on this issue (each in different years).


  * The user Darius Kadivar blogged on this issue and characterized the shooting of the airliner as a mistake – His blog was featured.


* The user ‘Sobh’ blogged on the issue but did not take a position – that person’s blog was not featured.


* The user ‘BoosBoos’ blogged on the issue and requested that a US government funded news service that hires Iranian newscasters stop censoring the anniversary date of the tragedy; However, the user’s account shows that it was banned by this website shortly thereafter. That blog was not featured but was the most viewed and shared of the three.


What is interesting is that the three blogs above received a sum total of … 4 comments.  While the Associated Press has hundreds of comments on the story it posted today in the space of a few hours, has only 4 comments over a period spanning several years.


If you have ideas as to what you believe is driving the editorial decisions of the site, or feel that there are facts we missed or would like to call to our attention, feel welcome to contact us.  


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