News: Anderson Cooper to Visit Iran

Fake news to tempt, titillate, tease, and taunt:

Now that Anderson Cooper is gay (surprise!) he announced today the he will soon file one of those cool hip action adventure 360 reports from Iran. ” Anderson said, “Then Iran will finally have gays “like you have” in America.”

While he is there, NIAC annoucned today that they will soon file another complaint about Iranians not being depicted in the media fairly, this time by Seth McFarlane in his movie “Ted”. In the movie Mark Walhberg looks sad and his co-worker comes up to him and says,

“What’s the matter?”

Wahlberg’s character explains that he is sad because his girlfriend made him choose between her, and his long time childhood friend a talking Bear. The co-worker says,

“I know how you feel, I used to have this boyfriend and were very close, until they deported him back to Iran.”

And Wahlberg says, “So I guess you could say that in a way, we’ve both lost a furry friend”

NIAC suggested that the legal angle they intended to pursue would not be based on actual body hair of Iranians vs other ethnicities (we might lose that one) but on the grounds that it is demeaning for an Iranian to be compared to a stuffed animal. Even if that animal is a beloved friend.

In other news today, Jahanshah Javid who has been on a year-long photo expedition of South America looking for yet more fat native women in things and thongs to photograph, did not as was expected, post a 233 picture photo essay depicting the “Amazing view of the Andes from my $27 a week apartment”. Javid said, “I hope to have more luck next week when I will be dispatching my report from Costa Rica, thank god I packed a flashlight!”

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