LAND OF THE MAGYARS: Shah and Shahbanou State Visit to Hungary (1966)

Shah and Empress Farah Pahlavi arrive in Budapest for official visit greeted by Istvan Dobi and Gyula Kallai.
Footage also includes Shah and Shahbanou Farah visiting a Hungarian vacation resort. Then entering a government building to meet Hungarian ministers. 1966 (Source:

Shah and Empress Farah Pahlavi visit Hungary 1966:

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HUNGARY: Land of the Magyars




Hungarian Revolution crushed by Soviets -1956:

This historic footage shows the tremendous damage caused by the Soviet Army when it crushed the anti-communist revolution in Budapest. Hungary wouldn’t be free of Communism for another 33 years.

Savouring Europe – the Eastern Steppes – Hungary :

(Video Courtesy :  journeymanpictures

A huge grazing land alive with wild horses and cattle rounded up by cowboys; trout from the rivers and piles of red and orange paprika fill the kitchens of the inns and steaming goulash and thick sour cream are served in generous







Tony Curtis on Hungary:







Hungarian (Savar-Magyar) cataphract in Sassanide (Iranian) Empire :

Sassanid Empire was Persian, but their elit cavalry was magyar-savar (or subartuan)

WAALM 06 – Bruce Bahmani creator of Rostam Comic Books Thanking WAALM Academy:

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