Videos and Reports on Dr. Mossadegh’s Birthday Ceremony

Dear friends,

The following are reports and videos about the celebration for the 130th Anniversary of the birth of Dr. Mossadegh, which was sponsored by the INF-OA.

Brief Report of the program:

Messages from

Ostad Adib Boroumand (Chairman of the Central Committee and Chairman of the Leadership Council of JM inside Iran)

Dr. Hossein Moussavian (Chairman of the Executive Committee of JM insie Iran)

Dr. Hermidas Bavand (Spokesman of JM inside Iran)

Abbas Amir-Entezam (the longest held political prisoner in the IRI)

Khosrow Seif (Secretary-General of the Hezb Mellat Iran)

Majod Zarbakhsh

Ayatollah Hossein Kazemini Brujerdi


Video of Amir Reza Amir Bakhtiar:

Video of Ms. Soheila Sattari:

Video of Hamid Sadr: (Mr. Sadr is in the leadership of NAMIR and an elected member of INF-OA Central Committee).

Video of Dr. Abdolkarim Anvari:

Video of Nasser Kakhsaz and Dr. Mohsen Ghaemmagham:

Video of Babak Amir-Khosravi: (former leader of Tudeh Party, founder of Hezb Democratic Mardom Iran).

The paper from the presentation of Babak Amir Khosravi to the program: (the long version of the speech).

Video of Taghi Rahmani: (Mr. Rahmani is from the Melli Mazhabi group).–Dd4_ZnCU&feature=relmfu

Report from Radio Zamaneh which includes interviews with several participants (Dr. Houmayun Mehmanech, Amir Reza Amir Bakhtiar, Ariya Khosravi, Nemat Azarm, Taghi Rahmani, Ahmad Raafat). There is also a radio report, please click on file sooti to hear it.



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