Top Syrian defector: “The regime itself blew up government buildings & blamed protestors” (Sound familiar?)

“I know for certain that not a single serving intelligence official was harmed during that explosion, as the whole office had been evacuated 15 minutes beforehand,” … All the victims were passers by instead. All these major explosions have been have been perpetrated by al-Qaeda through cooperation with the security forces.”–Nawaf Fares, most senior defector from the Syrian regime.



Whether the latter allegation is true remains to be seen.  Supposedly fighting as allies of the Syrian opposition, Al Queda would be playing a double game using both sides to advance its own agenda.  Why not?   To Al Queda, what the Syrian people prefer is sinful.  Like Khamenei (the recent Kenya plot, domestic murders)  these radical Islamists have no reservations about killing civilians, muslim or not, provided their cause advances in consequence.  When Assad falls you should look for the same kind of havoc in Syrian as in Iraq now.  In Iraq, the chaos is likely to intensify.    

It didn’t have to happen.  Al Queda would never have had such a chance IF Assad had gracefully resigned or offered real and major reforms earlier instead of throwing in with the hardliners OR if Russia had pulled the rug out from under him early by joining the call for change.   Fearful of Islamist terrorism, Russia continued to support him on the assumption doing so would prevent Al Queda from getting a foothold. Aside from alienating almost the entire Middle East, Russia may now reap other boomerangs at Al Queda’s hands.  If Putin believes the ambassador’s statements, he shouldn’t be too happy about it.


We know for certain Assad is getting weapons from both Russia and Iran.  In addition Iran’s Regime is providing tips on “How to Oppress.” Recall how Khamenei’s thugs killed “N” and invented shameful (if unsuccessful) theories about who did it:  “Her fiance”  “The doctor who tried to save her.”  “The Greens”  “Mossad did it.”  “The CIA did it.”  Meanwhile. as in Syria, the protestors were all “thugs” inspired by the usual foreigners and their Devil Media.   In both regime plainclothes thugs do the dirties work for the sake of deniability.   As in Iran, Assad planned two massacres and blamed the victims.   Would he kill dozens of Syrians in pro-regime areas via suicide bombings tlo stir up their loyalty? 

When the uprising begins, will Iran Khamenei, Death Squad supporter, hesitate to order the suicide bombing of civilians, offer public sympathy afterwards and then blame his opponents.  You betcha (as Sarah P likes to say).  Anyone who doubts it needs to read again The Guardian’s revelations from an ex-IRCG comander in the guardian.   Khoumenei is no more moral than Saddad or Stalin.  Not an ounce.

One of the backfire problems he and Assad always chosen stems from a common if optimistic and foolish assumptions: “If you do dirty deeds you  they don’t be exposed.” When such deeds require you first empty a building of so many  “valuable human regime resouces” beforehand how can word not get around?  Meanwhile it is “tough beans”for the 55 mostly pro-regime Syrians who died outside.   Too bad for the 350 or so who suffered injurers ranging from minor scratches to ripped off limbs, blindness, blown-away faces and the awful disfigurement and treatment that accopanies first-degree bones over most of one’s body.   You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs,” both dicators would tell us.  After all, what is more delicious than Baathist or Islamist rule?


From the Nazis so much admired in the Middle East in the thirties and forties.   Check out details of the “Communist attack on the Reichstag”or the “Polish attack” on a German radio station near the border in 1939.  Both worked Big Time for Hitler.    Assad nor Khamenei relied on a fatal assumption ( “It should do the same for us”)  without considering critical variables that Hitler enjoyed and they totally lack.  In1934 and 1939 Hitler enjoyed immense credibility (far less than after Stalingrad as the spring of 1945 approached).  In 1934 and 1939 Hitler still also had popular legitimacy.  Unlike Assad and Khamenei he hadn’t relied on large scale atrocies and intimidation directed at the core of the German population.  Had that been the case I suspect his tricks would have aroused vast skepticism rather than blind support. 

Middle Eastern fascist regimes (Saddam, Assad, Khamenei) borrowed other ideas from the Nazis as well.  Who gave them the use street thugs if not the Nazi SA (“brownshirts”)?  Who instituted a separate military (the Republican Guard) who took loyalty oaths to the regime and its the Fuehrer…er, excluse me…Supreme Leader rather than to the people and the nation.  Just as the Nazis had both a powerful SS and a less-well equipped Wehrmacht (army pledged to the nation) so too Khamenei has an “elite” Republican Guard pledged to himself and a much weaker army pledged to the nation and people although loyalty among the former appears far less strong than loyalty in SS ranks.  Note that Hitler in turn borrowed those two “useful” ideas from the Soviet Union who he otherwise despised.


The news section requires use of the original heading but look at it to see my problem:

Exclusive interview: why I defected from Bashar al-Assad’s regime, by former diplomat Nawaf Fares”

Had Enduring America not drawn me to the bombshell, I’d have skipped the defection report as old news by now. Notice how the title suggests nothing new.  Yet when you read what he says, you find a double bombshell.”  Given that original heading, how many readers here would have made the same mistaken assumption I did? 

It’s too bad Nawaf’s revelations occur in an exclusive, or that if the defector wanted the surely needed benefits of exclusivity, he didn’t go to  Al-Jazeerah.

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