JOY, OH JOY! Iranians should celebrate in the streets today as Syrians are doing


A CNN journalist noted, “I’ve never seen people celebrating such a bombing like this before.  It shows how much people hated this government.”   Iranians feel exactly the same after years of endless oppression.  That’s what intimidation, oppression, injustices, lack of human rights and rigged elections will get you.  But the hopeless will fade when the uprising begins.   The sun is now shining in Syria.   As the streets of Damascus fill with celebrating people, and as Assad’s military finds itself headless.  Will the the regime last a week?

Today Syrians sent a message to Iran’s people in to its ruling Supreme Thug, a twin to Assad in brutality and the degree of hatred earned: What Syrians have done, Iranians can do.  

Just as today was  a big people pleaser in Iran, it was a punch in the gut for the ruling mullahs.    A spontaneous celebration in the streets of Tehran and some nice graffiti  everywhere would help get the point accross (“First Assad, then Dictator Khamenei who is going down too soon.   People are fed up with such dictators and aren’t going to eat s*** anymore.   If Khamenei chooses to slaughter them, we should aid them.

Is there any doubt NOW a vicious, IRI-like regime is going down?  Obviously some insider in the regime, ticked off by Assad’s crimes, played a part in setting up this explosion.

When I woke up and heard the news this morning, I ran around the house whooping and shouting.   Unlike the women and children Asssd and his thugs have killed, there is nothing to deplore about the SOB’s who died in this bombing–Defense Minister Dawood Rajiha, Deputy Defense Minister Assef Shawkat — al-Assad’s brother-in-law — and Hasan Turkmani, al-Assad’s security adviser and assistant vice president–plus how many top security officials seriosly wounded.  The Interior Minister may also have died.

Like Jafari, Ahmad Khatami, Mesbah Yadzi and Khamenei, Syria’s murderers deserved such a treat.  Enjoy!

I’m sure some insider, repelled by the regime’s crimes and what is has done to Iran…er, sorry, I meant Syria, helped facilitate theiir removal.    Aside from the psychological blow this masterpiece inflicted on a brutal regime, it will totally disrupt regime planning.    I wonder if Russia will change its tune in the UN today, knowing the tide has changed for good.   It lost all negotiating power today.  Too late, Putin, too late for the SYrian people to forgive you!.   Learn from this when it comes to Iran.

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