Op-Ed: Iran is the problem, not Israel


NEW YORK (JTA) — The third round of negotiations with
Iran on its nuclear activities have failed, the latest and most severe
round of sanctions against the economy of that country have gone into
effect, and all eyes are turned to — Israel.

. . .

The world should not be focused on whether Israel will attack Iran in a
lifesaving effort to prevent the Islamic Republic from acquiring nuclear
capabilities. Israel is not the problem. The world should be focused on
preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear capabilities. Not for Israel’s
sake, but for the sake of the world. 

. . . 

time and again, little Israel is viewed front and center stage as an
aggressor, an oppressor, an antagonist and the source of all the evil in
the Middle East and beyond. Terror attacks, boycotts, divestments,
sanctions, hate conferences and countless U.N. resolutions have been
aimed at Israel, punishment for her “crime” of survival. The
international community seems to thrive on making her government, her
occupation, her military maneuvers, her self-defense and her pre-emptive
strikes the problem.


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