UN APOLOGETIC MONARCHIST : Sattar Blasts Fellow Colleagues for Lack of Patriotism

In an interview with Iranian Monarchist Omid Dana from Sweden, popular singer Sattar blasts fellow colleagues ( Dariush, Ebi and others)  as well as Diaspora Intelligentsia for their lack of gratitude towards the Pahlavi Era under which their careers took off, and criticizes their lack of genuine patriotism and shy activism in supporting regime change.








Ebi explains why he didn’t sing « Khalije Fars » in Dubai :


(NOTE : Slanderous Comments in the Video towards Ebi are not mine but that of the person who put it online)

Googoosh Sings « Talagh » on Arab TV :

Shohreh Blasts Googoosh for Opportunism during the Post Election Protests :


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