The U.S. Should Take Control of the Strait of Hormuz

The United States should put a preemptive end to IR’s belligerence and take operational control of the Strait of Hormuz.  Why should the world be taken hostage to the threats of a terrorist and out of control regime?  Taking control of the Strait is extremely simple given the extent of American, British and French naval forces in the region.  The United States alone currently has two aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf.  Other Western nations also have destroyers and other naval assets in the area.  So why not just take control of the Strait?  The U.S. can position ships around the Strait and declare its intention to secure it.  It should then stop and search every Iranian ship passing through the Strait to ensure the IR won’t conduct a terrorist attack or try to throw in an obsolete mine or two.  That should put an end to IR’s threats and the civilized world can rest easy knowing a terrorist regime is in check, at least in that regard.

And trust me, if faced with the situation, the IR will only respond with precisely two things: jack and shit, just like it did (or didn’t for that matter) after Operation Praying Mantis, when half of its navy was destroyed in a matters of hours.  The U.S also shouldn’t be worried about China or Russia.  Those has-beens are no match for our firepower. They will hart-o-poort for a little while, but will then STFU when they realize who the boss is.  Plus, we have every right to do this.  The Strait of Hormuz is the bloodline of the industrialized world, and it’s being threatened with closure by a bunch of terrorists on a daily basis. 

So, what are you waiting for America?  Why do you take shit form these murdering terrorists?  Remember:  the only language that the mullahs understand is force.  They will never enter into a grand bargain with anyone.  Remember 1988?  Saddam destroyed half their cities when the grand akhoond drank the poison chalice.  Not that we should attack Iranian cities, but when it comes to showing the IR who’s in charge, the only way to do it is by force.  Remember that piece of advice and you’ll be all set.      

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