Iranian Regime an Islamic Apartheid Fascist State thanks to Damn Mujahedin and Monarchist

For more than 30 years we the Iranians have been invaded by the enemies of Iran and Iranian people. Although our fault due to ignorance and illiteracy but we also have to thank our previous government and regime. We fell trapped and we have digged ourselves into a hole that we have a hard time to get out.

Foreigners took advantage of the weak Monarchy lead by a coward puppet and used groups and traitors such as Mujahedin to infiltrated Iran and Iranian system and install Islamic Cockroaches with level 2 education to mainly corrupt our culture, our foundation and our loyalty to land and people.

 Once a proud nation and proud people with high culture and rich history we have become a nation of cowards and have become so much corrupted that we cannot even defend our Namus and our dignity and pride.

 Foreigners of course have taken advantage of the situation. Europe and USA have made billion of dollars from the Mullah Regime more than any previous regime. The Mullah fascist Regime in Iran has sold Iran to Foreigners. They have destroyed and decapitated the country. It will take years to build Iran and its foundation.

 At this point Iran is destroyed.

Islamic Reformers (Moussavi), Monarchist and Mujahedin with the communist groups are trying to fight for power but these groups are so weak and are so corrupt that they have no clue about how to run and lead the nation.

We need a FRESH start. We need an Iran with young, nationalistic idea. We need the youth to take over and get rid of the bunch of OLD FARTS with corrupt ideas.

 Mujahedin and Monarchist betrayed and sold Iran so no Iranian trusts them.

I believe in Nationalism and I believe in our Youth. 

I think they will take over Iran and make Iran once again a powerful and prosperous nation in Middle East that respects the right of all Iranians and is inclusive.

 Vote for Nationalism  

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