Who will represent the other 72% of Iran’s population?

Mujahedins have Rajavi – 2% of Iran’s population

Monarchists have Pahlavi – 1 % of Iran’s population

Islamic Fascists have Khamenei – 10% of Iran’s population

Islamic Reformers have Moussavi/Karoubi – 15% of Iran’s population

What kind of a leader can represent the other 72% of Iran’s population?

Who will represent the other 72% of Iran’s population? I am in that 72%.

The condition in current Iran:

You are either rich or you are poor.

You either have money or you have yourself to sell.

You either die happy or you die a painful life.

No middle class, the workers class is vanished…it is two classes Rich and Poor.

Unemployment at double digit somewhere in 30% and inflation is crushing every household.

However; Iranians as always trying to negotiate their way through this crisis,

But there is NO Negotiation with TERRORISTS. Either rise now and fight for your dignity and pride or take the beating and humiliation for more days to come.

No to Rajavi – Mujaheddin Khalgh

No to Moussavi – Islamic Reformist

No to Khamenei – Islamic Fascist

No to Pahlavi – Monarchist

Yes to Nationalism, Yes to Iran, Yes to Iranian People

We don’t want any foreign intervention, foreign interference and traitors and puppets as leaders. NO MORE…NEXT LEADER must be Iranians, selected by Iranian people under a Constitution written by Iranians, in the name of Iran and Iranian people.

Nationalism is the solution and pride and solidarity is the ammunition against Fascist Islamist.

Respect and tolerance, unity and solidarity is our definition of a Nationalist Iran. Everyone in Iran is Iranian and ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation don’t matter since when we are together as one nation we will accomplish everything

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