People Democratic Party of Iran

I have decided to become involved in Iranian politics. Although I have been writing and educating myself on Iran and Iranians. I have decided after 26 years searching for an answer and solution I couldn’t find a political affiliation that I can relate to.

I decided to create my own. I have been exploring many idea, ideologies and thought and I only can come with one.

I believe in Nationalism based on inclusiveness, respect and tolerance of all Iranians.

An Iran made of everyone with equal opportunity and equal right. As a matter of fact I am stealing ideas of the Western countries I have lived.

The political part will be call “People Democratic Party of Iran”

The motto is Iran for all Iranians.

You don’t ask what Iran can do for you but what you can or have done for Iran and yoru people.

In this political party everyone will have equal rights and equal particpation We only judge you by your actions.

I will put my own money and I don’t want any monetary help…but if you like what you hear please like and please share..if you want an alternative…if you want a different direction…if you want a change…please give me a chance..because you will find no one more passionate about this cause than me

Who are we?

Currently is made up of me and I know many Iranians will join as they get to know me and the party and what we stand for.

My name is Amir Nasiri, I was born in Iran in 1970, in Tehran. I became a refuge along side my Mom and siblings and move to Germany in 1986.

I decided at age 16 I wanted to explore the world. I had $200 in my pocket and moved to Vancouver Canada. Although my parents supported me financially ($700/months) I had to work long hours in order to get myself through school and pay for my education which I have to thank everyone who supported me specially my family and friends.

I had worked since I was 13. My first 10,000 was earned when I was 15 years old. In Germany I worked for a landscaper.


Although I am a Shiite Muslim that is the label they give you when you are born in a family who have that religion or any religion I could have been a Bahai or Jewish or Christian if my parents were believers of either of these religions, BUT I believe in humanity first and Equality for all.

I have never practiced religion; however, I have tried very hard to practice humanity. I have tried to become a better being by observing the hardship of others.

I think my travel across the world and meeting different people I gained respect for tolerance and respect.

I am against religious fundamentalist, radicals specially the Islamic fascists. Conclusion: My religion is the people and humanity

Political Belief:

I am going to say it in one sentence: Equality, Fairness and Justice for Everyone

That is my political belief

Under “People Democratic Party of Iran” Everyone will be equal

Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Religion and Sexual Orientation under the “People Democratic Party of Iran” are all treated Equal

Those who commit Discrimination, Corruption, Embezzlement and Betrayal to the People and the Nation will be severely punished.

Our natural resources will stay HOME. Even though if we don’t make money. We will learn how to utilize the natural resources for the growth and prosperity of the nation.

The rebuilding will start from rural area of Iran starting with Sistan Baluchsitan, Kurdistan, Khorasan, Hormozgan and Lorestan. These areas will be built to the 21 century modern standard. Then we will build the rest of Iran.

Iran is a multi Ethnic and people with diverse religions and beliefs…Everyone has equal rights only if they all work for one cause rebuilding IRAN.

How long will take Iran becomes Japan economically and democratically like Germany?

Economically like Japan 15 years

Democratic like Germany 20 years

The constitution will help us to get there and nothing else.

Please help me to to FREE IRAN our Motherland and our home

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