Who is telling the truth? Fakhravr? Batebi? Neither?

Apparently Abbas Fakhravar is now part of Romney’s campaign?! There are differing stories on who he is and what he is about. Some believe he is another Chalabi (i.e IR implant) and is an IR implant within NeoCon organization. Obviously Richard Perle the one who actually pushed Chalabi, begs to defer (may be?)

Here are couple of links from Batebi site, exposing FahkrAvar


Here’s an interview with Fakhravar (Starts out with an interview with Mesdaghi) refuting Batebi’s claim:


One thing I found very fishy about cis (Confederation of Iranian Students now resurrected by Fakhrava as its CEO :)).

Members picture are printed 3 times? (To show more members than they actually have? but here is the royal fuck up by Mr.Fakhravar: he has the picture of one of the murdered protesters Sohrab Arabi, among the members in U.K chapter!? I have taken couple of photos just in case he removes that page for reference. 🙂


(roll to the bottom of the page to view Aarabi’s picture, some of the other ones I don’t know, may be there are more murdered people who can not speak for themselves?)

I saw a video of Fakhavar in a short documentary a few years back, where he was being driven around in Tehran and he was giving slogans on how brave he is, and how he will pull Khamane-ees pants down! I was suprised how such video can be made inside Iran. Later he was in his house with a reporter and his mom and he was threatening that he is ready to die while his mom was looking at him with disblief while holding a bag of tomao’s and vegitables. At anyrate, that piece looked very strange, and the whole thing seemed like a poor acting, but never heard much back since then. So now here he is running student confederation from D.C, and teaching at iwp.edu?

Also it is not at all clear what Mr.Fakharavar’s teaching credentials are to enable him to teach at iwp.edu? Is he teaching medicine (he claims he is a doctor, but his friend says he was a nursing student), either way that’s a big leap for a 27 years old:


From what I gather, Mr.Fakhravar is advocating a military attack against Iran, arguing unlike Iran-Iraq war, this time around people have no incentive to fight back, and it will be a cake walk. Perle being a neo-Con but more importantly benefiting from any windfall profit of another war, probably does not care if he has another Chalabi in his hand. (2nd time the charm?) But really, this guy is driving Romney’s Iran’s policy?

View the links and you be the judge. (Since I am personally fully baffled, and according to Fakhravar himself, he was denied visa to Israel, may be Fred can shed light on this dude? What is the scoop on this guy?)

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