Might the Israeli’s be planning an October Surprise?

In 1980, while Jimmy Carter squirrled arround trying to get the U.S. embassy hostages released, the government in Israel quietly worked with Reagan’s campaign staff to ship arms to Iran as part of a plan to get Reagan elected (an humiliate carter). Do you remember? Saddam Hussein invaded Iran on September 22nd, 1980; and on October 10th, George Bush (sr) secretly met Karroubi in Paris and worked out a deal to ship arms to Iran in exchange for the Mullahs holding the hostages through to after the Persidential elections on November 5th 1980!!?? Remember??

Well, for those that do not know, Mr. Netenyahu, (also known as Bibi – Current Israeli Prime Minister) is an MIT graduate, has a long and very close relationship with Mr. Romney. The Romney-Netanyahu relationship dates back to the 1980’s, when the two were colleagues at the Boston Consulting Group – where they both worked (side-by-side).  But since Romney started his perpetual quest for the White House, he hasn’t stopped mouthing Bibi’s sound bites on borders and bombs, terrorism and Tehran.

It is Romney’s role as Netahyahu’s alter ego which explains Mitt’s passing comment during the November 22nd CNN national security debate. When Romney said he wanted to “indict Ahmadinejad for violating the Geneva — or the Genocide Convention,” he was just awkwardly repeating an agenda Bibi has been pushing for years.

In January 2007, Romney joined Netanyahu among the speakers at the Herzliya Conference.  In his speech, he took a very hard line towards the regime in Tehran, announcing:

Diplomatic isolation should also include an indictment of Ahmadinejad for incitement to genocide under the Geneva Convention, excuse me the Genocide Convention…

Article III of the treaty establishes ‘public incitement to commit genocide’ is a punishable crime. Every signatory to this treaty shares an obligation to enforce it. So do human rights groups that care about international humanitarian law…

Former U.S. Ambassador John Bolton has been a forceful advocate for this effort, and he’s joined by Alan Dershowitz. If these two can agree, there must be something to it.

In the fall of 2007, Romney took his case to the United Nations.  He not only demanded the General Secretary Ban-Ki-Moon “to revoke any invitation to President Ahmadinejad to address the General Assembly,” but insisted that the UN prosecute the Iranian President for his 2006 boast that he would “wipe Israel off the map.”  

But, the point of this blog is NOT to point out that there is a relationship between the two. There is. AND, it is NOT to remind everyone that this relationship goes counter to Mormon teachings and culture – because in fact Mormon’s hate Jews (its all over their scripture).

The point I am making is that it is very possible that Israel could pre-emptively attack Iran in October (a month before the November Elections) and force Obama to have to make a decision on what to do. And if he is shown to be “weak” – it could tip the U.S. presidential election in Romney’s favor.

We all know the Mullahs in Iran have had historic links with the religious right in the U.S. AND, we also know that the Obama adminstration keeps sending envoys to Israel to ‘tame the beast’ i.e. try to buy time ’till after the election for more decisive action on Iran. In the last month, alone we have had Hillary Clinton (US secretary of state) visit Israel, Leon Panetta (US secretary of defense) was just there. Earlier this year Tom Danilon (US National Security Director) was there, and he commented that the Israeli did not care what he said. “They had their plans and were going to stick to them”. President Obama is actually planning a visit soon. The Democrats are really scared that something very significant is about to happen.

Netenyahu does NOT fundamentally trust the democrats, and neither in fact do the Democrats trust him. And given the relationship between Romney and Netenyahu, anything is possible.

All the signs are there for a major showdown between Israel and Iran. And if there is going to be one, why waste it? Netenyahu will surely use it to put his man in the Whitehouse, No? Lets wait and see. One thing is for sure the next three months will be a nail-biter!! Put on your seat-belts.

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