I was thinking today of the best advice I could give Liberal thinkers, who are appaled by what the leaders of the west represent today and the direction the west is headed towards. Advice that would encourage and give true hope. At a time, the summer of 2012, when true hope has become so fragile as a result of Zero/no fundamental changes in the direction Western Leadership has been pursuing for over 40 years now. Then all of a sudden, I was reading a journalists comment on a subject the World Media has wiped out of the Real News and the lack of courage by to honestly report on what is being done.

CA: The one cable moved me the most was the Haiti cable. For the US to take advantage of a poor country that was going through a horrific earthquake, and to use that blackmail to try to get that minimum wage downor refuse them aid,and to block attempts of Venezuela to reduce the cost of oil to 60 per cent so that Haiti could build its hospitals and schools. And then for the US embassy to send a cable back from Haiti saying “the gold rush is on” to the same US contractors who were found doubling quotes after hurricane Katrina.

After I read this cable – that was it for me. I looked at others, but that was the one that touched my heart the most; the lack of ethics and the brutal materialism to do that to a poor country suffering that amount of distress.…

Finally, I realized the advice I could give. Don’t under estimate your impact. In the process of expressing your views and relating lawfully to what is going on, you will be a hero for at least one person, yourself and with time enough to make a decisive difference over the power of entire power of west, east, north and south.

It’s not a secret today, that the US governments Secretary of State does not officially announce US policy. She has massive instituions like the CIA and FBI who’s role is to dominate politics so that she can execute US Policy. It’s no secret that the actions authorised are criminal, whether to produce news that supports the undeclared policy aims or recently to authorize assistance to Rebels in Syria, who are committing War Crimes and are the most unlikely people to bring about better human rights, democracy or freedom than Syrians have under Assad.

The first people that are deceived are American Intellectuals and then this goes on to others, like Iranian Intellectuals in regards to US Policy and its real aims. However, your understanding, discernment and lawful free expression can neutralize the effectiveness of this game.

Since the USA succeeded 33 years ago in controlling the opinions of Americans, Brits, the French & sadly Iranians, that one of the most democratic behaving leaders in the world, the late Shah of Iran, was a despot, a tyrant, a crook, a dictator and excessively repressing Iranians have been truly suffering instead of progressing (the actual undeclared US/UK/French agenda and why they lied about the Shahs Team and intentionally misrepresented him to Iranians using propaganda).

This is the Habit the USA/UK/France have found Impossible to give up, lying about their opponents as well as their own agenda. So instead of truly seeking human rights, freedom and democracy for others, based on its actions the west is the enemy of these ideals for others. This will cause them to continue to do everything in US/UK/French power to keep the IRI, one of the most repressive governments in the world in power and therefore doing what they have done to Africa to the Middle east, spreading corruption, backwardness, poverty, tyranny, despotism, unimaginable suffering and Murdering any Leadership, for example the Late Shah, His PM and Personal Doctor and finally Sadat for protecting him. The Shah being a Leader who succeeded in Saving his country for over 30 years and going in the opposite direction to the wests real aims for iran.

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