Iranian “pilgrims” and bad karma

The pathetic video clip  of the 48 Iranian “pilgrims”, arrested by the FSA in Damascus, under suspicion of being members of Islamist Regime’s “revolutionary guards”, invoked many thought in my mind. Such as:

Funny bunch of “pilgrims”! Not our typical  Iran “pilgrim party”. Not a single old man or woman…

Then I recalled my own annual pilgrimage back to Iran, three summers ago, when I witnessed well fed, big bellied, bearded men on motorbikes – very similar looking to the arrested “pilgrims”- attacking the defenseless, unarmed Iranian pro-democracy demonstrations, with hand guns, chains, sticks…. very effectively beating the million plus daily demonstrations to submission. I recalled the images of “Neda”, with blood pouring out of her mouth during the last moments of her life, after being shot from a roof top by a “pilgrim” in service of the Islamist regime. I recalled the news of rape and murder from Kahrizak jail, committed by “pilgrims”. Then the large number of executions to ensure the masses would never arise again, out of fear. Execution of Farzad Kamagar, the Kurdish Teacher, particularly stands in my mind for some reason… So, as far as our “pilgrims”  fate is concerned, this, could just be another case of “ bad karma”, if you are that way inclined.  Or a case of an “armed opposition”, ready to fight and die for their cause, react quite differently towards a brutal fascist dictatorship than large masses of the folks – no matter how large-, led by people,  who deeply believe in the system against which the masses have risen…  


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