AWFUL NEWS FOR ASSAD: FSA may have Sam anti-air missiles

(My apologies for putting a second lead post here but I didn’t think readers would want this new buried.   It’s also bad news for Khamenei as well.  The latter swears he won’t let Assad go down but how can he stop it).

 In a daily roundup post, Enduring America says this is unconfirmed but from a source that has usually been reliable in the past.   Defected generals including Tlass, will meet with the Free Syrian Army which will be unified and renamed the National Free Syrian army (which makes Assad’s army represent what?  Also included:

  • Training on Geneva Human Rights Conventions – Overhaul of structure of the command – Intel meetings.


This major initiative comes after Turkey warned Syrian opposition forces that the West is growing wary of Islamist elements, incohesion & human rights [violations]. Turkey is leading the effort in advising the FSA, training, setting up, supporting & arming the FSA.

Good news is: training FSA elements on heat seeking missiles & other SAMs has been done and we shall see it on the ground as of next week – and FYI: most of these SAMs are from Libya for some reason.


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