Regime to foreigners on post-earthquake aid: “GET LOST!”

ITEMThe Iranian Red Crescent and Ministry of Health have rejected foreign donations of cash and material for earthquake victims, saying that Iranian agencies are self-sufficient.  An exception has been made for limited help from Turkey because of Iran’s aid to the Turks after the Van earthquake in 2011.

ITEM: A representative of State television IRIB, appearing at an emergency Parliamentary session on Saturday’s earthquakes, has apologised for the decision to broadcast a comedy programme on an IRIB channel rather than covering the disaster.


Is there anything that khamenei does in his daily routine that, you can say, you can count, or see the positive effect of it on people of Iran. …I’m talking about actual things. i.e. khamenei ordered assistance to the poor in city of X, khamenei oversaw a provision to build home for the homeless in city Y, khamenei cared about “anything” that mattered to ordinary Iranians in a tangible way?

We hear a lot of things from khamenei, but they all serve his circle. People don’t exist for this man

By comparison, in democratic countries, leaders say a lot of things, some are empty promises, and some are actions actually delivered. In most cases, this is enough for people to re-elect those leaders or dump their sorry ass if they have been bad.

What does khamenei and this regime actually deliver to Iranians other than this measurable life?

Iran has all the means to be on top of world, so to speak. Iran has resources and talent, this is all you need. Instead, people are worry about where to get chicken, onion, potatoes, and cooking oil. And, not to land themselves in prison in process of living this simple life


Remember 1979 just before religious fanatics stole what was to be a democratic revolution.  Iran had the fastest growing economy in the world.  By comparis, where were oilless Turkey and resource impoverished South Korea?  Where was China back then as Nixon made his visit then?  Where are they now?   How do the Iranian people compare after 33 years of mullah rule?  Of course those questions are unfair because foreigners are to blame (as Ayatoilet and Amir might agree).  

Everyone knows the truth: the mullahs would have turned Iran into a paradise if the West and most of Iran’s neighbors had not spent three decades “picking on a world admired role model and perfect innocent for no good reason at all.”  At the same time it treated the three who have long surpasssed the IRI economically as like loving children.


In circumstances like this a good “solution” is to continue the usual policies of picking on minorities (Kurds, Arabs, Bahai, Azeris) and women.  Opposition website Rah-e Sabz claims police have banned Sunnis from holding prayer ceremonies for Eid al-Fatr, the ceremony marking the end of Ramadan, in Tehran.    Bahais and Kurds are hung while women are banned from 77 university majors and classes are gender segregated.  Making the best out of persecution, Khamenei has even turned it into a “money raiser,” as he levels huge fines on political prisoners and requires immense bail.

Khamenei led off the current economic crisis by increased social policing but seems to have backed off temporarily. The moment there is a glimpse of sunshine (if ever) these equally beloved creeps will be given their usual free reign to harass his oppressed and brutalized subjects.

Ayatollah Dastgheib has sent a message to Basij militia, Revolutionary Guards, and other security forces: “Beating people to death cannot be labeled as unintended murder.”

As a sophisticated reader might say, “What a bunch of XXXX-ups!”



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