The perils of being Iranian

Two snippets of news, Washington post, Tuesday, January 30, 2007:

“Even before the 33-day war ended, Iran had provided Hezbollah with $150 million to begin rebuilding, some of it going to victims in $10,000 bundles of crisp U.S. currency, according to a Shiite politician who spoke on condition of anonymity.”

ISNA news Agency, August 14, 2012:

“In regards to the earthquake in East Azerbaijan province, First Vice President announced the decision of the Special Working Group:

One million tooman (less than $500) grant for immediate needs,

An additional 2 million tooman (less than $1000) grant for preliminary rebuilding needs,

Those dwellings totally destroyed are eligible for 12.5 million tooman (less than $6000) loans with subsidized interest at 4%.”

In other words, Lebanese Hezbollah members got an immediate $10,000 as pocket money, with rebuilding done free and clear.

On the other hand, Iranian earthquake victims might, just might get less than $1,500. Something is very wrong here.

It is no wonder one of the persistent slogans of the Iranian people has been:“No to Gaza No to Lebanon, I die for Iran”

ps. Iranian proverb: The light which could be used at home is forbidden to be donated to the mosque.

Charity begins at home.

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