Analysis: Iran accuses Israelis of promoting homosexuality

This week the Iranian web site Mashregh, the voice of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, is featuring a special report titled “Introduction to the overt and covert aspects of spreading homosexuality in the world,” according to an *Israeli National Police terrorism analyst on Monday.


The web site’s “research study” claims homosexuality is an act of corruption that leads to the decline of the family institution, extinction, and social corruption. And the Iranians claim Western nations and the Jewish people in Israel and the U.S. are promoters of this abomination, according to the Israeli think-tank Meir Amit Information Center.

“The Iranian scholars have brought the age-old, hatemongering concept of “blame the Jews” to new heights. And The Obama administration believes these Islamists are capable of sincere negotiations with the West? Such negotiations are a fool’s errand,” said Thomas Garabon, an expert in Islamic terrorism.

“The ‘Satanic regime’ of the West seeks to undermine the family institution by changing the definition of family, encouraging homosexuality, and facilitating the spread of this … >>>

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