BREAKING NEWS: Assad has just targeted Homs civilians with deadly new weapon (roundup post)

According to the video’s uploader, the footage shows the moment that the barrel bomb fell on the Hamidiya neighborhood on Saturday.

Several activists claim the video was filmed in the area, however the Telegraph is unable to independently verify the location.

The clip follows the first reports, as disclosed in the Daily Telegraph, that the Syrian regime have begun using the improvised “barrel bombs”in Syria’s second city, Aleppo.

Filled with TNT, oil and chunks of steel, the exploding barrels kill and maim across a wider area than high explosives.


1) Will this use of barrel bombs finally force the West to act in providing anti-air at least?  Will it force the opposition to unify (see subpost on that)? 

2) Will the development lead Khamenei to order the IRCG to develop a similar weapon….just in case?

Ironically, I had just put together the following item for this roundup when the above news broke.  It’s also from the Telegraph two days earlier–the only source to report on the new weapon at the time and until the incident in Homs.  I think that will change now.


Excerpt:  The “barrel bombs” have emerged as an improvised weapon with the aim of causing maximum death and desItruction, The Daily Telegraph can disclose, as the regime seeks to break rebel resistance in Syria’ssecond city, Aleppo.

Filled with TNT, oil and chunks of steel, the exploding barrels kill and maim across a wider area than high explosives.

“The sound was like nothing else I’ve ever heard. It was an almighty whoosh,” said Mohammed Ibrahim, a fighter recovering from an explosion that he said was of terrifying intensity caused by such a bomb.

“I was lucky I was standing behind a corner but I was still knocked off my feet. When I came round my ears were bleeding.”

Resembling a bandaged survivor of the Great War trenches, he staggered on his feet as he displayed his injuries. He also had perforated eardrums…

…dissatisfied by the level of destruction its munitions are meting out, the regime this week introduced its own homemade bombs.

The bombs are carried on helicopters that have been videoed hovering above targets before the crew pushes the device out to fall to the ground.

A spokesman for the Local Coordination Committee in northern Aleppo said that the barrel bombs have been used in at least two areas of the city.

“The first incident was over a public park in the Bab al-Nairab area of the city where people had taken refugee from the shelling,” said the spokesman, Abu Amir. “They were ordinary people who were defenceless against this type of attack.” Videos on the internet show barrels that did not explode in Batbo, 20 miles west of Aleppo, as well as three locations in Idlib province and in Homs.

OBSERVATION: In the past week Assad has used his air power to destroy at least ten bakeries and civilians waiting in line for bread.  Does anyone think that is “accidental?”  Frashogar blames the rebels for this, even if thye don’t possess a single aircraft. 


Rebels have captured an anti-air building in Deir-al-Zoir and with it 16 troops, an unknown number of ant-air missiles,  and an arsenal of an arsenal of rocket-propelled grenades and heavy ammunition.


These guys are doing more damage than Predators operating in Pakistan.  I suspect help inhibits how far Al-Maliki can go in sucking up to Iran.  It also raises the question of why vaunted Al Quds is nor providing such help.  I suppose it is too needed elsewhere (helping look-alike dictators in Syria and Iran stomp their own people.

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