7 Things Iranians can do to stop the Break-Up (Balkanization) of Iran

1) Iranians in the diaspora should be travel to anyone of the neighboring countries and share messages of peace and love with the locals – show them a different side of Iran to the one they see in the media or witness with the government in Iran. In so many ways, Iranians share a deep history, a love of poetry, a love of a shared musical tradition …there is so much to share and enjoy with those that seek separation.

2) In almost every case, the balkanization involves a cut up of another country – i.e. Baluchistan would be carved out of Pakistan, Kurdistan would be carved out of Iraq, Turkey and Syria, etc. Iran should alert and align itself with the interests of the central governments of these nations and develop a common strategy to thwart these “Western” led plans. Central Asia political and economic integration is the key to thwarting separatism. Iran’s neighbors have much to fear from this too.

a. In some instances, the proper plan would be to form strong regional political and economic plans that create a larger agenda that the ‘sub-nation or tribe’ can be part of

i. For example look at how European integration has diminished Basque separatism in France and Spain.

3) Fight the re-election of US congressmen Rep Dana Rohrabacher (R-California) and Rep Lousie Gohmert (R-Texas) who are pushing an agenda to balkanize Iran. Note these are Republicans – so you know what agenda is on Republican Party’s foreign policy program. Also, fight Hariet Harman’s (D-California) re-election, she is also on record for supporting the break-up of Iran.

4) Iranians should respond by promoting the balkanization of U.S. and British allies (such as Saudi Arabia) that are planning and have planned the demise of Iran, by supporting Shiite separatists in the Middle East – such as Oil Rich easter Saudi Arabia. The Persian Gulf will always be the Persian Gulf, if these Shiite Regions of Saudi Arabia etc. separate.

5) Sign an online petition to get the anti-breakup message out to politicians

6) Publicly request the IRI to allow expatriate Iranians or Iranian opponents in Jail to somehow participate in a war against separatism in Iran and their evil backers – even if they disagree with the despotism of the IRI, stopping the destruction of Iran is a higher priority than the fall of the velayateh Faghih.

7) This is the most important: Get rid of the IRI, before these Sepratist movements take hold totally destroy Iran. They are still building bases, and training volunteer conscripts. There’s maybe one year before all shit breaks loose. These separatists would NOT have any support if Iran was democracy and there wasn’t so much oppression in Iran.

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