Presentation is different from reality – tribute to MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan

MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan, wrote to me and said: See my little piece about these “Iranians.”  What I discovered at that link was an excellent article about what they name certain types of plastic furniture to make those products seem more like real wood construction items.  Highly recommended article:

And that brings me to my own wonderment:  I wonder how some people (no names of course) don’t seem to have a problem with Israelis burning down a church and painting “Jesus Monkey” on its walls (Needs No Title; But let’s call it “Israel Loves Everybody”), yet these same people go on and on about religious persecution of others;  And I wonder why people go on and on about the Shah or a handicapped Iranian athlete not shaking the hand of the British Duchess when there are news stories here, on the same day, stating that a main Israeli spiritual advisor and political player called for the annihilation of Iranian people. (What Every Iranian Needs to Know About Israel & What the Media Won’t Tell You); And then comes a video taped admission by Ken Timmerman, one of the top dogs of the Israeli lobby, who goes on and on in a video about how to make Iranians look bad while pretending to protect human rights, and a great many people say nothing. (Delirium the Movie: “Iranian Satanism,” the Israeli Lobby, Democracy, & Defamation).  

Now some of you might want to go on the offensive — simply to avoid the obvious and distract from the points raised — and say, but why didn’t you say X, Y, and Z about the IRI?  Let’s suppose that’s true even though I’m new here.  Good or bad, the IRI are Iranians: The  Israelis are not.  

So if someone came along and defended the IRI in the face of Israeli threats, at least they are defending Iranians – whether dumb ones or good ones depending on your point of view; they are still Iranians.  But when people stay silent about Israeli threats to Iran, and in essence favor Israelis’ interests over Iranians’ interests it is a different matter.  You might not like the IRI – but if someone came along and said, “I like Rafsanjani” (just to give you an example – probably nobody really likes Rafsanjani, but go with it); at least they would be favoring an Iranian over Netanyahu.  

I’ll just leave you to read MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan’s article on why certain types of plastic furniture are outwardly advertised as being wood-like:


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