Proud to be an Iranian-Canadian

During the past several years that I have been living in Canada, I’ve met a lot of Iranians. Iranians in Canada are politically very diverse and It’s difficult to find a group of Iranian-Canadians that would agree on politics especially when it comes to Iran, but we all came here to build a better life for ourselves; and we all agree that the era of IRI, the Islamofascist regime of Iran, has been one of the darkest eras in Iran’s history, maybe even the darkest ever!  after all, IRI has fucked-up our homeland so badly within the past 34 years, that we were willing to endure all the hardships associated with immigrating to a foreign country, in hopes of a better life for ourselves and more importantly for our children. 

During all these years, I have only met one “Iranian” family that supported Islamism, and they were literally IRI agents. They were sent here by the regime and were being supported financially by the regime. Otherwise, every other Iranian that I met in Canada despised IRI with all their hearts. You see, Iranians in Canada didn’t just immigrate to “a foreign country”, they immigrated to a secular democratic country whose values are the total opposite of the ideals of the Islamofascist regime of Iran; and since Iranians in Canada are not hypocrites it’s natural for them to despise the Iranian regime and its filthy khomeinist ideology. 

I have met a lot of Iranians that are secular republicans in one form or another, a lot of Iranians that are monarchist, a lot of Iranians that are nationalists, a lot of Iranians that used to be communists when they were younger but now live in a country with a free-market economy and support the free market; I have met a lot of Kurdish Iranians that are some of the most democratically minded Iranians I have ever met, I have met a lot of Baha’i Iranians that are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Most Iranians I have met here in Canada were irreligious, but there are some christian converts, some Jews and a few Muslims among us as well. But this diverse group of Iranians have one thing in common, they all despise IRI and Islamism in general.  Islamists from Khomeini to Khamenei, from Khatami to Ahmadinejad are all greatly hated among Iranian-Canadians. 

In the largest Iranian Plaza in Toronto, there are two large supermarkets; the owner of one is a monarchist and the owner of the other one is anti-monarchist, but both supermarkets sell the lion-and-sun flag … That’s what unites us Iranian-Canadians: Opposition to Islamofascism, Islamist bigotry, backwarded khomeinist ideology, fascistic anti-woman laws, Islamist terrorism, shitte fascism, and whatever else IRI stands for …

That’s why Iranian-Canadians celebrate the closure of IRI’s propaganda center in Ottawa. We celebrate the fact that filthy IRI agents won’t be able to intimidate Iranian-Canadians anymore, we celebrate the fact that west-residing Islamist parasites cannot poison Canada with their filthy Islamist propaganda anymore, and we celebrate the fact that the house of Khomeinist parasites in Ottawa is now closed.

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