“Holland’s Persians” are 0.0000000001 % of Iranians. No sane Iranian supports Al-Qaeda – VIDEO

1.  “Holland’s Persians” likely constitute 0.00000000000001 % of Iranians.  In other words, they are not numerically significant – not in Holland and not in Iran.  

2.  And who polled all of “Holland’s Persians”?  Nobody.  The article that says “Holland’s Persians” are in favor of the Syrian civil war has no right to speak on behalf of all Iranians in the Netherlands (the correct name of that country).  A more accurate title to the article that preceded this one would have been “a small fringe group of Iranians support the Free Syrian Army.”  

3.  It is true that some Iranians (a tiny minority) support fringe terrorist groups and are eager to serve foreign powers: Mrs. Rajavi has proved that premise time and time again; so has Jundallah, the Saudi-backed terror group suicide bombing Iranians in Sistan-&-Baluchistan province. They both support the “Free Syrian Army.”

4.  No sane Iranian supports Al-Qaeda: The “Free Syrian Army” means they are free to throw innocent postal workers off of buildings to their death.  The US, Israel and NATO would love to see if they can pull off a similar movement in Iran.

Just make sure you are prepared for this type of scene in Tehran if you support the rampant propaganda on the internet that is calculated to soften people into the idea of starting revolts and a civil war in Iran (for the undisclosed benefit of foreign powers).  


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