Create an Anti Muhammad movie & put it on Youtube

I find the most recent movie about Muhammad distasteful, disgusting  and pure garbage. Yet I believe everyone out there should create a movie making fun of Muslims, Muhammad and other Islamic notables like Ali, Hussein and shotor….

Heck, you should make fun of Moses, Jesus and all other prophets while you are at it. Its all disgusting but it does not deserve violent action, violent threats or fear mongering.

The Muslim world needs to become desensitized to such foolish behavior and the only way to do it is by creating more disgusting content about their prophets and force them to watch it, read it and constantly be around it.

You know that scene in the movie Agent Orange? Every Islamist should be placed on that chair and be forced to watch bad Muhammad movies 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Today, freedom of speech is more important than Muhammad, Moses & Jesus. If you do not have freedom of speech, you can not have Muhammad, Jesus or Moses. The Islamists who are attacking US embassies around the world have no respect for Muslims. They only respect their own view of Islam and their own vision of who Muhammad was.

Freedom of expression & freedom of religion is the root of Muslim nation’s problems today. The backwardness of Muslim nations stems mainly from the lack of freedom to express yourself. You give people (Muslims) these freedoms and eventually they will excel and come out of the misery created by our dear Khomeini, Khamenei and other great Rabbis and religious scholars. 




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