“Zionism: Devil’s in Disguise” — FULL FILM. US rejecting Israel

Zionism threatens many groups and relies on proxies, bribery, and intimidation to effectuate its agenda.  Many groups that are militant today, formed as result of competing against the poisonous ideology of Zionism.  Outwardly Zionists pretend to be for civil rights, but privately they have been caught red-handed spearheading some of the most vile propaganda against other people, faiths, and nationalities (Muslims have only been one of their targets).  So, it does not surprise me that  Sam Bacile, an Israeli-American real estate developer, was behind the film that caused the riots in Egypt and Libya (as reported by CNN); nor does it surprise me that he duped the actors that participated in the film.  One of the ways Jewish interest groups have enhanced their position is in getting others to fight their battles for them — often through bribery or trickery — and for the purpose of causing friction among other people and nations to enhance and elevate Jewsish political clout. Israel’s government is complicit in this behavior though it denied involvement:  Israel’s Foreign Ministry said it doesn’t know who Bacile is. However, now The Wall Street Journal has revealed that, ‘Bacile said he raised $5 million from about 100 Jewish donors to make the two-hour movie in California last year.’  Is anyone surprised that Israel runs a propaganda network out of Southern California or that the Israeli government denied its involvement?  In a similar vain, a Baha’i leader also confessed that the Baha’is are an Israeli proxy group that spread anti-Iranian propaganda for Israel’s benefit. (see  Bahá’í Brainwashing Corporation . )  You might not be religious or take the Islamophobic film made by the Jewish Lobby too seriously, but what about one of the top dogs in the Jewish Lobby stating publicly that Iranians seek to “spread satanism in America” and that “they want to blow themselves up because they believe they will go to Paradise”?  (see  Delirium the Movie: “Iranian Satanism,” the Israeli Lobby, Democracy, & Defamation .)  The war of this terror cabal has extended to Catholics, Muslims, Arabs, Europeans (especially Russians), and shows no limit.  Everyone knows it.  The issue isn’t this silly film, but rather the totality of Zionist behavior in many countries and against many people.    Make no mistake; people are speaking up and Obama’s snub of Netanyahu is one of the first indications that US politicians know they must react before the American people do.               

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