The Agents of Outrage (commentary)

Yesterday I was watching CNN and there was an interview with an individual by the name of Bobby Ghosh who had written an article for the next issue of Time magazine entitled The Agents of Outrage:  Behind the Middle East’s Anti-American Violence.

Something he said resonated with me.  He said there are anti-Islam material made every hour of every day on the internet.  If there were to be riots for every one of them there should be riots on an hourly basis all over the Muslim world.  Then it dawned on me here on, where it’s motto is Nothing is Sacred and this slogan has been used to level insults on Islam, we witness wall to wall insults on Islam 24/7!  Just look around and you see the back and forth between few who are either insulting Islam or those who engage them!

Then they showed an interview with a Copt Christian in Cairo.  What’s Copt Christian, have you heard about them?  Anyway, he said something that AGAIN it resonated with me.  In his interview he refered to “Muslims who have invaded Egypt”!  Now how many times do we hear the same thing about Iran on this website?!  2 for 2!

So I turn to those who insult Islam routinely on this website and refer to Muslims (directly or indirectly) as savages and Muhammad as a pedophile and so on, dirt on your heads!  NONE of your insults on this website has ever been able to incite anything in Iran!  ALL of the protests in Iran have been because of insults of non-Iranians!

Joking aside, this article sheds light on how these things are started and the global industry of hate from all sides come together to piece together a video who was forgotten to bring it to the attention of a TV personality to incite a reaction that turns violent and use that to recruit more separation and hatred towards one another.  I recommend this article which is short and to the point.

How many of us have actually lived in a society where your religion is your death sentence?  I mean literally and on a large scale.  When we were growing up we knew about Shiites and Sunnis but we never saw any violence against them.  I know now that in Iraq there were atrocities by Saddam against Shiites during his rein, which escalated after the first Gulf war.  But to the extent that it did after the second Gulf war and now as we speak?  Or in African nations such as Rwanda or Sudan.   There is no point in this other than to start a war or genocide using religion. 

Photo caption:  an Armenian church in Tehran at noon with banners for welcoming a top Armenian religious figure.

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