E=mc2 of Irani bigotry

Just as E=mc2, there is a direct relationship between the amount of trouble the Messianic Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) buys itself through its domestic and international terrorism, and the sharp spike in the proliferation of anti-American/anti-Semitism/anti-Baha’i dispensing Irani autotrons.
In other words, the deeper a hole IRR digs for itself, the more autotrons bubble up spewing hate and blaming the Zionists (Jews) who ostensibly control the whole world including the sole superpower, America.

Canada kicking out all IRR diplomat/spies and closing her embassy in Tehran is a perfect case study. Soon enough, nuts including the kicked out head IRR rep in Canada, began blaming the whole thing on the Jews.

This is all to no avail, America hating, Jew despising, Baha’i reviling autotrons like it or not, with the ongoing meltdown of IRR’s economy, the emancipation of Iran and Iranians from 34 years of Islamist Rapists’ barbarism is not that far off.

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