Islam a Religion of Peace? I don’t think so!

 Have you noticed that the only religion that keeps repeating the phrase “… is a religion of peace” is Islam? If it were truly peaceful why would it need to keep repeating it? Do you ever see any other religion continually saying this?

When you take a closer look at current affairs though, things become a bit more clear: As it stands today there have recently been around 40 conflicts worldwide. Out of those 40 conflicts, Islam is either the cause, supporter, or aggressor in at least 31 of them!!! Only 9 conflicts are not involved with Islam in any way, or at least not directly. Now I may have incidentally missed out on a conflict but I have put together as many as I could find, here is the list:

Conflicts Involving Islam:

* Armed tensions in Afghanistan (2001-present) – Islam

* Afghan Civil War – Islam

* The “Arab Spring” – Islam

* Conflict in North-West Pakistan – Islam

* Republic of Macedonia Conflict – Islam

* Somali Civil War – Islam

* Syrian Uprising – Islam

* South Sudan-Sudan Border Conflict – Islam

* Iraqi Insurgency Post US Withdrawal – Islam

* Libyan Factional Fighting – Islam

* Tuareg Rebellion – Islam

* North Caucasus Insurgency – Islam

* Operation Enduring Freedom: Horn of Africa – Islam

* Islamic Insurgency in the Phillipines – Islam

* South Yemen Insurgency – Islam

* Insurgency in the Maghreb – Islam

* Shia Insurgency in Yemen – Islam

* Nigerian Sharia Conflict – Islam

* Kurdish-Iranian Conflict – Islam

* Balochistan Conflict – Islam

* Kurdish-Turkish Conflict – Islam

* Insurgency in Jammu and Kasmir – Islam

* Insurgency in Ogaden – Islam

* Papua Conflict – Islam

* 2012 Conflict in Lebanon – Islam

* Yemeni al-Qaeda crackdown – Islam

* South Thailand Insurgency – Islam

* Conflict in the Niger Delta – Islam

* Sectarian violence between muslims and buddhists in Malaysia – Islam

* Uyghurs uprising in China – Islam

* Bahrain Sunni-Shia civil conflict – Islam

* Saudi Arabia Sunni-Shia tensions and uprising in Qatif – Islam

Other Conflicts not involving Islam:

* Lords Resistance Army Insurgency – Not involving Islam

* Insurgency in North-East India – Not involving Islam

* Naxalite-Maoist Insurgency – Not involving Islam

* Colombian Armed Conflict – Not involving Islam

* Mexican Drug War – Not involving Islam

* Internal Conflict in Burma – Not involving Islam

* Casamance conflict – Not involving Islam

* Cambodian-Thai Border dispute – Not involving Islam

* Korean Conflict – Although fighting has ceased North and South Korea are still technically at war.

As you can see if Islam didn’t exist the world would be a lot more peaceful, the majority of the conflicts currently being fought are being waged by Islamists. So much for the religion of peace, that is at war with other religiobns (“kuffar”), women, history, culture, and even music!!!….


picture shows a sign inside a university library in Iran, posted by “The Center of Quran and Holiness”, which reads:

“The most vicious and reprehensible things that God created to test Man with, is music. Music brings poverty, misery, hypocricy, and segregation.” Imam Baqir (AS) in Usul-i Kafi

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