Islamic Republic and NIAC terrified by Timmerman’s bid for Congress!

September has not been a good month for the Islamic Republic in Iran and its handlers and lobby network: Iranian currency plummeted to its lowest ever; the Free Syrian Army just moved their headquarters from Turkey into liberated areas inside Syria; Canada shut down the Islamic Republic’s embassy and kicked out its diplomats; the United States pledged to remove MEK off its terror list; and most importantly, NIAC, the IRI’s lobby organization and regime’s agent Trita Parsi, lost their defamation lawsuit against prominent journalist Hassan Dai.

NIAC’s defeat is very significant. Trita Parsi has routinely tried to smear various pro democracy opposition groups and individuals who have dared to come to Hassan Dai’s rescue. Underhandedly, NIAC recruits pro-regime left leaning, fanatical and inexperienced proxies to do its dirty work. Playing on Iranians emotions, NIAC labels its opposition as war mongers, MEK and CIA operatives and separatists. Ken Timmerman is a case in point:
Parsi unsuccessfully attempted to link Dai and Timmermn as co-conspirators in the service of CIA, MEK and Israel because of an email exchange where Hassan asked for Ken’s opinion in an article he was planning to publish and Ken replied by encouraging Dai to provide more documentation. In his opinion, Judge Bates dismissed Parsi’s allegations and noted that “Timmerman asked precisely the sorts of questions that an editor should, and defendant apparently responded to them appropriately.”

“It is a great pleasure to see Hassan vindicated from the harassment suit brought by an individual and an organization whose lobbying agenda dovetails perfectly with the interests of the bloody dictators of Tehran,” Kenneth Timmerman, executive director of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran, told the Free Beacon.

Timmerman is a congressional candidate for Maryland’s 8th District, running against incumbent Rep.Chris Van Hollen Jr. who is the biggest friend of pro-Tehran lobby. If elected, Timmerman will surely spell problem for NIAC and deal a serious blow to the Islamic Republic in Washington.

Timmerman is an investigative reporter and a recognized authority on defense and intelligence issues who has testified as an expert witness in terrorism trials in U.S. federal courts and before Congress. Ken has been the lead investigator for families of 9/11 victims in a civil lawsuit against Iran. Based on Ken’s evidence, a federal district judge ruled that Iran “shared responsibility” for the 9/11 terrorist attacks with al Qaeda, and had provided “direct, material support” for the attacks.

Timmerman, has pledged to conduct a Congressional investigation into NIAC’s alleged ties to the Iranian regime and for potential violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, FARA.
It looks like the IRI is also worried about Ken’s bid for the office. In the Farsi paper, Faternews, (see below) a paper run by the IRGC, Ken is accused of being a separatist and a prominent spy for the United States. Coincidentally, such a sentiment was expressed earlier in by a dubious blogger who appears by a female name “Maryam Joon” on the From its writings, it appears that Maryam Joon is a Basij type revolutionary and left leaning fanatic, that is anti Israel and anti US whose very function is to serve as an apologist for NIAC and Trita Parsi and shill for Iran.

Humorously, it appears that Trita Parsi had participated in discussions using aliases such as “Karim S”, “Ramin J”, and “MMM” based on IP addresses obtained. It is suspected that “Maryam Joon” might be either Trita Parsi himself impersonating a woman or a NIAC anti-Semitic proxy.

Trita Parsi has accused Ken a war monger, a separatist since Ken interviewed the PJAK, an Iranian-Kurdish opposition group. NIAC’s line which echoes that of the regime further exposes Parsi’s complicity with the regime.

As a 501c3 tax exempt organization, NIAC is not supposed to engage in any political activity and only 20% of its time can be devoted to lobbying, but that does not seem to be the case, since NIAC has routinely disregarded such regulations by abating taxes, having a foreign bank account and defrauding the federal government, and failing to registered as a foreign agent. Ironically, court documents reveal that it was Trita Parsi who was paid by the CIA.
Ken Timmerman has always respected Iran’s territorial integrity, is opposed to war and supporter of Iranian pro democracy groups who favor regime change. Ken believes that NIAC’s misguided policies and pushing Iran’s nuclear program under the rug by NIAC types will eventually drag Iran into confrontation with the West. Ken has stated: “We must abandon the failed policies of the Obama administration that are bringing us ever closer to war with Iran. The only way we can prevent a costly war with Iran is to help the people of Iran throw off the yoke of this bloodthirsty regime.

Ken has outlined a comprehensive foreign policy strategy toward Iran that favors regime change and support for the Iranian pro-democracy opposition groups operating in the U.S. as follows:

It must become the official policy of the United States to support regime change in Iran. We must abandon calls for a change of behavior on the part of the mullahs, which they laugh off as a sign of weakness. The only “compromise” this regime seeks is one that allows it to remain in power, armed with nuclear weapons.

Delegitimize the Islamic Republic of Iran regime in every possible venue. It is outrageous that a regime that murders its own children when they attempt to hold peaceful demonstrations should be allowed to boast of its members in UNESCO and other UN organizations.

Put an end to all talk of negotiations. The Obama administration continues to promote the notion of negotiations with the regime. This is an insult to all freedom-loving people….
We must provide massive support – moral, political, and financial support –to the pro-freedom movement inside Iran. I believe this is not just the right thing to do for Iran, but for our own nation, and will certainly be less costly in both blood and treasure than any of the alternatives.

We must monitor that investment, to ensure it is well spent.

Sanctions against the regime – especially sanctions that have broad-based international support – are a good thing.

No wonder why NIAC’s and its non-citizen president, Trita Parsi who have long been suspected of concealing their illicit ties to the Iranian regime, are terrified!
Timmerman’s running for Congress can perhaps deal the worst blow to the regime and its lobby arm: NIAC. Familiar with NIAC’s hidden agenda, Timmerman has promised if elected to prevent Trita Parsi from freely roaming the halls of Congress and advocating for favorable policies toward the regime while falsely pretending to be be servings the interests of the Iranian-American community. NIAC has lied to members of Congress by boasting to be the largest Iranian American organization, but Trita Parsi is routinely shunned from the Iranian circles and court documents clearly show that NIAC’s membership is less than 500.
It is anticipated that NIAC’s and IRGC’s smear campaign against a congressional candidate might be just the publicity Ken Timmerman” needs to oust another IRI apologist: Chris Van Hollen Jr. and that might spell the end of NIAC and Trita Parsi as we know it and fundraising for Ken Timmerman by the Iranian opposition groups is clearly a good start!
Arash Irandoost, Founder Pro democracy Movement of Iran (PDMI) and
NIAC’s young protege and water carrier Ambassador, 23 year old Shawn (Siroos) Amoie…
As reported by the IRGC website: Faternews

اعلام کاندیداتوری عضو سیا در منزل یک ایرانی
مهر ۱, ۱۳۹۱بدون دیدگاهچاپ

به گزارش خبرنگار بین الملل پایگاه خبری فاطر، کن تیمر من داوطلب نمایندگی کنگره آمریکا شد. وی در اطلاعیه ای از مردم آمریکا خواسته که در مهمانی معرفی و اعلام کاندیداتوری خود شرکت کنند.
این داوطلب کنگره آمریکا از مردم بابت شرکت در مراسم اعلام کاندیداتوری اش، مبلغ ۱۰۰ دلار هم اخذ می کند.
میهمانی اعلام کاندیداتوری این آمریکایی با سابقه، قراراست که در منزل « حسین شاه آبادی » برگزار شود.گفته می شود که برگزاری این مراسم با تشویق و حمایت هوشنگ انصاری، بهمن باتقان قلیچ، بیژن کیان، نسترن سمیعی در منزل شاه آبادی صورت می گیرد.
تیمر من از اعضای باسابقه سازمان سیا است
تیمر من یکی از نزدیکان جیمز وزلی رئیس سابق سازمان جاسوسی آمریکا است. وی اخیراً سفری به منطقه کردستان عراق داشته و با برخی عوامل گروهک پ.ک.ک درباره ایران گفتگو داشته است.
تیمرمن، رییس و مدیر عامل بنیاد دموکراسی ایران و مسؤول پنهانی «همبستگی برای دموکراسی و حقوق بشر در ایران» و “کارشناس” مسائل ایران است. در سال ۱۹۸۳ میلادی در مجله کوئین در اورشلیم نوشت: برای اینکه اسرائیل ماندگار باشد، باید کشورهای بزرگ خاورمیانه درهم شکسته و تجزیه شوند؛ آنگاه، مثال عراق را میزند « با کرد، سنی و شیعه؛ و مصر با قبطی، عرب و ترک … که آماده تجزیه اند.»
در تاریخ ۱۵ تا ۱۷ ژوئن ۲۰۰۷ تیمرمن آمریکائی، درهمایش ایرانیان بی حمیّت و چند تن تجزیه طلب از اهالی کردستان ایران و بلوچستانِ ایران در پاریس شرکت کرد و با سلطنت طلبان و بخشی از گروههای چپ و راست همایش پاریس را ترتیب داده و با طرح سال ۱۹۸۳ خود، ذکر شده در بالا، با شروع موضوع حمله نظامی آمریکا و تحریک اقوام ایرانی و تحریض حاضران به تجزیه ایران، به دنبال جانشین سازی سیاسی (آلترناتیو سازی) در ایران رفت.
آقای تیمر من ارتباط خوبی با گروهک های ضدانقلاب، منافقین و گروه های مسلح ضد نظام اسلامی دارد و شاید بر همین اساس است که وی در منزل یک ایرانی تبار اعلام کاندیداتوری می کند.

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