Just the past couple of days…

AN in CNN, AN in the UN

Shit all over the place


Trita? Iraj? Khob ke chi?

This akhoond or that akhoond

This shepesh or that shepesh

Mehmanparast, kotak…

Joy and satisfaction

He should’ve been beaten to a pulp, if you ask me. Our people are way too civilized.

Mojahedin, fohsh, bad o birah, and then…

Some condeming the kotak, calling it uncivilized and disgusting!


These motherfuckers kill, torture and rape young, old, man , woman, beat and maim them on the streets, and then…

We have “Silent” Demonstrations!!

How is that for “disgusting”?

Dollar 2800 Tomans

8 Killed in Ghezel Hesar

People dying

Akhoond Prospering

And we….

Where is God when you need one?!



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