Hopefully the Palestenians appreciate it

How did Iran and Israel get into the fight?  Did an attack by Israel cause the death of numerous Iranians?  Or was it an attack by Iran that almost made 30% of Israeli women widows?

Oh wait, it was selling of arms to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war. Hmm, no, if memory serves me right, the Jews sold U.S. made weapons to the Iranians.

I was thinking how and why did Iran get into this mess.  For the people of Palestine?  Maybe these folks are our blood brothers and I am just too ignorant to have known this fact; we have to have their backs.  Or is it because the Palestinians are the one and only oppressed people in the world and we have to defend their rights.

Whether Iran gets into a war with Israel or U.S. or both is only known by God.  Even if no war, the sanctions are just as bad.  In 6-12 months a big part of Iran’s middle class will be in pretty bad shape.  Shortage of everything.  Loss of 2/3 of asset value. Hyper inflation and a host of other problems.

34 years ago a very bad decision was made by a great majority of Iranians.  Most of the people who took to the streets are now repentant.  Around 7 years ago another bad decision was made and no one did anything about it.  Iran decided to pick a fight with Israel or for the lack of better expression, U.S.’s 51st State.

Sometimes family members, brothers and sisters and husbands and wives get into big fights without either knowing what exactly they are fighting for or in the hearts and minds they know the fight they are participating in is stupid.

This fight between Israel and Iran, in my humble opinion is one of those fights. 

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