Over a Million Tons of KNOWN Uranium Reserves in Iran and its Neighborhood

A simple google search will provide any reader with the known uranium ore reserves of every country in the world. As you sift through it, it will become pretty evident – FAST – that countries like Uzbekistan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Tajikestan etc all rank right up there in terms of known reserves. If you add all that up you get to 1 million tons of ore within Iran and its neighbors. I mean ALL the stans put together get you close!

Run back the clock, and the same Iran that is being sanctioned by the West was being courted to supply electricity to Basra in Iraq after the U.S. invasion, to Herat, Afghanistan! And Iran is investing in hydro plants in Takijekestan, building energy infrastructure in Turkmenistan …I mean energy projects all seem to be outside the realm of sanctions.

Then you put 2 and 2 together and ask yourself, why is it that Iran can export electricity to all its neighbors BUT NOT be able to produce electricity via Nuclear power? Well the answer is yes, it can produce electricity via Nuclear Power but NOT run an enrichment process!

Even the staunchest opponents of the regime in Iran – disagree with this. All Iranians are in favor of nuclear power, and enrichment to support it. The colonial days of Britain taking cotton from India and selling back textile products are gone. If the ore is in the region and the energy production benefits the region – then the enrichmnet has to be done regionally. And Iran is best positioned to take a regional leadership role with matters related to energy.

So Mr. Netenyahu, and other idiots. Read this, and read it carefully. You are NOT getting any fans by attacking Iran’s commitment to enrichment. Next time you wonder why Iran is enriching Uranium, ask the Americans why they sold a reactor to Iran with Plutonium in it? And then ask the Germans why they built a Nuclear Reactor in Iran for power productions. And then ask the Russians why they completed that same project. Iran’s Nuclear programs has been and is, and international program – supported by the world.

Well, the response could of coarse be, well okay, enrich upto say 10 percent levels – but NOT 90%. Okay, fair enough, BUT, big but, the reactor sold to Iran by the Americans requires levels beyond 10%! And that is precisely what Iran has done to date. 

ANd bottom line, if you don’t trust the regime to keep production within these levels then topple it – but don’t talk about the enrichment plants being blown up, or surgical operations to bomb the plants. Iran has a full right, and full reasoning to have a Nuclear program. It all MAKES absolute sense – even to its opponents.

Please focus on toppling the regime, NOT toppling the nuclear program.


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