A Persian King Living in Denial

‫گفتگوی رضا پهلوی در برنامه افق صدای آمریکا‬‎ – YouTube:


Why do we need a Royal Institution?
The Royal Institution, protects the culture of that country. The Royal Institution has no political, commercial, or religious mandate. A King is the leader of the Royal Institution in any country.

Heritage Personified
What the people of Iran and its culture have in the Royal Institution, is the personification of the cultural heritage of Iran in the form of a King. Yes, he is born into it. He is loved by all from birth. He represents the constant total love of Iranians, for the ancient culture of Iran. He is what we all feel, when we read about our 20,000 year old history.

Our King has a problem. This problem is related to how he sees himself in the eyes of others. He thinks that the people of Iran, will judge him from a political point of view. He thinks that the political forces of Iran hate him, if he acts like a King. That point of view is no different than his father’s. They both think that they are answerable to the people of Iran. They are not. They are only answerable to the Royal Institution.

The Royal Institution of Iran needs a Caretaker. It needs someone who can explain the mandate of the Royal Institution clearly to the people of the country. Just like politicians defend democratic institutions, Priests defend their religious institutions, and the Chancellor defends the Treasury, so the King defends the Royal Institution. Our King is not doing this. He has not grasped the role of the Royal Institution.

Why has this concept not been grasped by our King? So the question to ask is, “why is our King living in denial?” The answer is, that it is not entirely his fault. He lives under the shadow of a miserable legacy. Everyone knows about the radical transformations that took place in Iran a hundred years ago. Everyone knows about the way all the various institutions of Iran were very muddled. The Kings were all these institutions rolled into one. They made too many decisions. They made too many mistakes.

Some other Entity
So our King thinks that all those mistakes, that other Caretakers of the Royal Institution of Iran made before him, will effect his reputation now. If you look at the video, he actually states that he does not want to carry out his Royal duty. He makes a very long convoluted argument, why he wants to be involved, but as some other entity. This entity is not a politician, or a King. But its aim is clear – the removal of the Islamic Regime. So his identity and purpose is directly tied to the destiny of the Islamic Regime. It is not tied to the Royal Institution.

What he needs to do.
The King of Iran should clearly state that he has no interest in any other institution than that which defends the culture of Iran. There is no such institution in Iran at the moment. Every Iranian will agree to the fact that the culture of Iran comes first. An Islamic fanatic does not believe in that. So there is a common undeniable flag all freedom lover for Iran hold high. Our King needs to be the first to hold that flag up. That is his job. So get on with it.


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