10 things about Israel every Iranian should know

As many of you know, our little young friend “Peacock Feather” goes around calling everyone who doesnt agree with him/her an “Israeli agent”. I for one think that’s hilarious. He thinks I’m an Arab and therefore would consider such things an insult! hah!

These people like to constantly portray Israel as an enemy of Iran, and repeat negative things about Israel, so that eventually you’ll be recruited to fight Israel, instead of the tyranny of the mullahs.

So I thought I would enumerate 10 positive things about Israel I bet many Iranians dont probably know.

God save Iran. God bless America. And Long live Israel!

1. Did you know Israel helped Iran in the war against Iraq? In his book Treacherous Alliance: The secret dealings of Israel, Iran and the United States, Trita Parsi (!) states (pp.106-107) that roughly 80% of the weaponry bought by Tehran immediately after the onset of the war originated in Israel, totalling $500 million, all while the other powers were supporting Iraq. If this is not the definition of an ally, I dont know what is.

2. Did you know Iran still uses those Israeli weapons? Look at the picture above (source). See the gun the Ahmadinejad guard is holding? That’s a Uzi, and it’s made in Israel.

3. Did you know Israel helped Iran decapitate Iraq’s nuclear weapons program? Israel destroyed Iraq’s Nuclear Weapons facility in 1981, something Iranian forces had tried on September 30, 1980, and failed. An Iranian-Israeli collaboration? You bet! Had it not been for Iran and Israel’s cooperation in Operation Opera in destroying reactors Tammuz-1 and Tammuz-2, Tehran might have been glowing green today.

4. Did you know that Israel ranks 2nd in the world in being the most educated country? 2nd in the world! Israel also ranks among the top countries of the world in the number of startup companies, probably the top in Bio-tech startups on a per capita basis.

5. Did you know that Israel has 10 Nobel Laureates? Not bad for the world’s 100th smallest country, with less than 1/1000th of the world’s population. It takes a Billion muslims to produce that same number of laureates.  

6. Speaking of per capita accomplishments, did you know Israel ranks among the very top producers of scientific papers per capita, as well as one of the highest per capita rates of patents filed? Even their actresses have scientific papers published. Example: See the name Natalie Hershlag here and here? That name belongs to none other than Natalie Portman. Hmmm. Look what she wrote for the Harvard Crimson

7. Speaking of diversity, Natalie Portman does bring up a good point. Did you know that Arab citizens of Israel comprise 20.6% of the country’s total population? Did you know that Arabic is also an official language of Israel? That’s more than I can say about Iran and Azari language!

8. Did you know Israel has great respect for Iranian heritage and culture? Watch the video. While Iran’s Islamic regime tries very hard to erase its pre-historic past, Israel treasures excavating Iran’s past. They even have a street named after Cyrus The Great! Does Iran have a street named after Cyrus the Great??!

9. Did you know the Quark was co-discovered by an Israeli? So was DNA computing. So were flash drives. So were interferon proteins. So was the world’s smallest video medical camera. So were MRI guided ultrasound systems. So were exo-skeletons, and hundreds of other advanced medical devices. It’s clear that while some people are busy with climbing embassy walls, Israelis are busy with accomplishing progress. Always a plus in my book.

10. Back to point #1: Did you know that Israel and Iran are natural allies? There is even a foreign policy doctrine that puts Iran and Israel side by side against the Arabs. It’s called the periphery doctrine. To the Arab, you and me will always be the Magus and dhimmi and Adjam, if not worse. Hey, did you know that Adjam in Arabic originally meant “the retarded tongued“? During the Islamic conquests of Persia, we were dumb and couldnt understand the language of our masters, so that’s how we got the nickname. So the next time you think Palestinians care about Iran, think again. See for yourself.

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